Sunday, October 26, 2008

Do you want to do a Press Ad?

Going to the gym has many benefits to fitness and achieving an active lifestyle. It also contributes to your social circle as I've gotten to know many people who share the joy of working out together.

Made some good friends and am completely enjoying their friendship and companionship in and out of class. Learned new tips, learned new skills and slowly gaining a better healthier body too!

With all this, it also opened up opportunities that would not have otherwise risen such as being approached by a talent agent. Who so happens to be one of my class mates in dance class.

You really never know who you get to know at the gym! We engaged in some friendly talk and she told me what she was doing and told me she had noticed me for some time now, thought that I would be suitable for an upcoming job and wondered if I would be keen on doing a photoshoot for a Press Ad for one of her clients.

Of course I said I WOULD!! How could you resist something like that.. right? I can't. Hahahah! So we exchanged contact details, we communicated by email with some audition pictures and personal statistics.

Remuneration wise, not too fantastic but alright for a days work. Or more so, 4 hrs of shoot +1 hr *make up/styling* work. And I really do not mind seeing my face - as long as its done tastefully and its a nice photograph out on this certain brands' press ad! In fact, it would certainly be my pleasure.

So she mentioned today that she had submitted the shortlisted people, incl. myself to the client and they are now doing their selection. Even if they do not choose me, she's assured me that she will keep me on her talent listing for upcoming work. Always good to have an active talent agent representing you. Whooppeee!!! Happy happy lah!! *Cross fingers that I hear from her soon as she said the shoot will definitely be Nov/early Dec at very latest.*

For now, filming for the TVC that I mentioned sometime back is scheduled for November. I hope it turns out well! Wish Cj and I luck! :)

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