Monday, March 14, 2011

Zumba Instructor ZIN31 Training!

Once again the Zumba Fitness family gathers! Zumba Instructor training for ZIN 31 was up today at O School @ Scape, Orchard. We had a powerhouse packed training session with the regular group of instructors together with the newly initiated ones from the latest training. Lead by one of the most amazing ZES you could ever have for instructor training, Michael Thomas.

For those who have been to my classes, if you think some of my moves are eye opening.. gosh.. you haven't seen Mike T's axé moves yet. I'll explore some of them soon for you to check it out but whoaaa!!! Its brings sexy to a whole new level.

We also encountered some new powerhouse instructors who were incredibly amazing!! If anyone who has been to a Zumba class thinks a Zumba Fitness class is fun. Imagine what its like when the WHOLE ROOM IS FILLED with ONLY instructors rocking the room down. Insanity I tell you. The atmosphere always electric and everythings turbo charged...

For me, the past couple of trainings have seen me either injured *last training for ZIN29 and ZIN30 (didn't post the group picture for that one because it was really blurry) which was held at True Fitness on the 13th of February - I ran through that training with a hamstring tear on both legs*or sick and this time round, the latest bout of bug which brought me down the whole of last week is still with me and it was a complete challenge getting past the mental & physical state to keep on going.

30 minutes into the first part of the training saw me incredibly winded, tingling and I contemplated sitting out this time. But I persisted and completed the full training with as much enthusiasm as my spinning head could bear.

Other than the fact that I was dancing on clouds in my mind & that the music just seemed a little warped in my brain today, the beats not quite in sync with my rhythms and I'm moving 1/2 a beat slower than usual... I'm praying that in June for ZIN 32/33 that I will be in tip top shape to smash it out with the best of them... ZUMBAA!!!!!! *roars!!*

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