Sunday, March 06, 2011

More Shirt Deconstruct Experiments...

Yep, theres more! My hands have been itching to cut up more shirts since I've discovered the "joys" of shirt deconstruction and todays top was not spared the shears as I tried out another design of slashing up your normal style tops. More past designs can be found HERE and HERE.

Now I have the ribbon tie design, the weaved design, the corset design and now its the criss crossed design. More to come as I try more patterns.

This one was a regular cotton ribbed double shoulder tank top in dark brown. I converted it to a halter top and behind was sliced n diced up to a criss crossed pattern. I was not too pleased with the outcome of the material however as it was a cotton ribbed material and it did not curl into strips as well as regular cotton or one mixed with spandex curled. Apparently this kind of material does better either as slashed designs that just show very little skin or designs that are cut & tie like my older red one that can be found HERE.

This design took quite awhile to figure out how to weave and tie so that it came out to this design.I figured this may look good on a knee length dress so when I get a cheap piece, I'll give it a try again and see how it looks then. This one however looked fab once I put it on and would look pretty great with jeans & high heels with some bling bling accessories.

I created this one for Mizuki with a brand new "Little Miss Naughty" tshirt. Front can be seen HERE. It was a round neck mini tee which was converted into a tank top. Round neck cut off and behind cut with a straight ribboned laced pattern. Glad she liked it. :)

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