Monday, February 28, 2011

V-Golf Ladies Card Launch Party

Some two weeks back after my Friday evening class, my gorgeous friend n dance student Judy invited me to join her at the V-Golf Sports Bar Ladies Card Launch party... I wasn't prepared for a night out and was feeling quite poofed from the dance classes that day, definitely wasn't dressed for it but went with my black tank n jeans to check it out... I was happy I went though.. the ladies made it enjoyable... all these pictures are from little instant event picture cards that were taken and printed on the spot and given to us... instant gratification! I like!

V-Golf Sports Bar is the one & only Sports Bar in the ASEAN region to have a wholesome concept for their golf simulators integrated with multi-axis platform & 3-holes putting plate. They didn't only have golf games but also virtual dancing games, darts, xbox games, and other interactive kinds of fun stuff to do. I thought it was a great idea for an evening out with actually something to do other than just sit and stone out with a drink and mingle with small talk that sometimes just doesn't make sense... it may be just me but I cannot enjoy the night out just staring at each other in the group and pretending to enjoy the "ambience"... if its a night out dancing, I'd like to actually BE dancing, sweating and moving without the alcohol...

A spa was there doing a mini roadshow to promote their spa packages and gave us hot hand paraffin waxes which was supposed to make our hands soft... note that I mentioned "supposed"... it just ended up making our hands smell like essential oil... our hands were dipped into hot wax & wrapped in gladwrap and looked more like raw chicken fillets at the supermarket... we amused ourselves doing the robot dance with our wrapped up "chicken fillets". Looking at these pictures, Damn!! I should have put on some makeup!! Wahahaha! I look so pale!

I met a new galfriend too and guess what? Her name is also Pamela and she's also half chinese half filipina!!... we've got the same bloodlines! Hoy Ganda!! :) It was an immediate connection and she's so funny!! Since the drinks were free flowing for the event, I enjoyed lining my side of the table with 5 large glasses of orange & cranberry juices!! Whooooot!! I met the rest of the group of Judys friends and they were all very babelicious ladies... Thanks for the nice evening!! I believe the next time I'll be meeting Pamela Perez again is probably at the pole and exotic dance workshop that we'll be attending soon... Oh la la!!! *excited*

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