Monday, February 07, 2011

CNY Huat! Huat! Danza Class

Before the CNY break, I organised yet another themed class for my Saturday afternoon dance class. All other students from my other classes at other locations & timeslots were also invited and those who could make it, did for the Chinese New Year session. We were missing quite a number of people that day!!

Everyone was told to come in red or oriental in theme outfits and everyone was sporting to ensure they did so for the day! I've never seen SO MUCH BRIGHT RED in my class before, it was quite blinding during the class as all we could see were flashes of red from everyone there... Thank you for being so enthusiastic everyone!!

Everyone also brought a dish for the potluck that we held after class and I look forward to every potluck as each of these women, those who cooked are crazy fabulous chefs and bakers! And those who brought food always brought something that everybody loved to have. Sinful food included!

Everyone also brought a brand new pack of Ang Pow for an Ang Pow exchange and I swapped the whole lot around and redistributed them to everyone with a fortune cookie.. Huat! Huat! Huat!! Good Luck for everyone!!

The class was crazily energetic that day and everyone participated to their fullest.. I could see seriously hard hip swaying going on in there and the atmosphere was hot hot hot!!! The class culminated with Theresa Tengs "The moon represents my heart" *who doesn't know this song?!* which everyone who could speak mandarin belted out with all their hearts... and those who didn't speak mandarin, hummed along and smiled throughout the cool down, me included! It was like a major major karaoke session! Everyone was fantastic! Thank you for singing so loud and with such passion!

After all that heart pumping and hip shaking action, everyone flowed out of the studio to prepare all the dishes and desserts. There was serious excitement and mayhem going on as it took me a long time to get everyone calm and their attention to gather for the tossing of the lucky Yu Sheng. "Ladies!! May I have your attention please!?! Do not touch the Yu Sheng till we have taken our group picture... Ladies?...Helloooo Ladies!?!" ....

Aha!! and finally... everyone had calmed down and we get a group shot in before we start on all the food... *Say Danza!!*

Tossing the Yu Sheng!! Huat ah! Gong Xi Fa Cai! Da Ji Da Li! Nian Nian You Yu!! Man Di Huang Jin! Huat! Huat! Huat ah!!

Emily made and brought the Yu Sheng for the day, very thoughtful of her to have thought of bringing it for everyone!! It was great!!! Who would have thought that shredding green papaya and green mango into the dish would make such a refreshing difference to your standard Yu Sheng! Yum! Yum!

And my twin buns were a hit at the class... too bad I didn't do a kick boxing track during that class so I could do a street fighter impersonation of Chun Li! *Haaaaiiiyah!*

Taking pictures with Judy, Pek Gan and Angie... this was a gorgeously structured shot that came out of us just running together and doing a quick pose by the little plant... very nice! Can anyone see my rainbow colored toe socks?

And when all the food and festive greetings were over... and most of everyone had left.. Pek Gan, Serene and I had a roaring laugh of a time playing with my camera with all sorts of strange poses... the 3 instructors and their chinky pony tails/buns...

And this is our, "oh I'm so tired, help me" wailing damsel in distress...

"Taxi!! Taxi!!".....

No taxi? *pouts* okay then.. one last pose... HUAT AH!!

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