Monday, February 14, 2011


My blog has been running for some years now and over the years, there have been contests, endorsements, sponsorships that are mixed along with my personal chatter. I have made some good friends from many who have read my blog and gotten to know me personally and students who read me and have come for my classes or taken training with me or just those follow my blog regularly to keep up with what I'm up to. Thank you for making me a little part of your life and spending these few minutes interested in reading what I have to say.

While I realise that not all my readers are female, I have a giveaway from ME!! for my female readers so if you're one who have been reading me for awhile, you may be interested in the following... but if you're male and want to do this to give the item to your girlfriend / wife / lover / mistress / mother / sister / aunty / etc haha!, please feel free to join too! :) VALID for readers in SINGAPORE only.

See the lovely long wallets, metallic mesh pouch and bling bling hand purses up there?
I have 20 pieces of a combination of what you see above for 20 lucky readers who do the following if you want one. Gifts will be randomly supplied so winners will not be able to choose which one they get but they're labelled as No. 1 to No. 20.

UPDATE: IF YOU HAVE SENT IN YOUR ENTRY SUCCESSFULLY, you will be listed here and know that you have won one of the items. Thank you!

1. Pauline Tan (Posted!)
2. Twirling Penguin (ST) (Posted!)
3. Ann (LAT)(Posted!)
4. Mizuki Chan (Collected)
5. Valerie Lim (Posted!)
6. Waine Shih (Posted!)
7. Frond (JP) (Posted!)

Each winner will be listed down a list of consecutive numbers and you will get that respective item. :) Giveaway ends once the first 20 entries are in so I can arrange collection or postage. I will make an announcement once all have been claimed.

What you need to do to win one of them?

  1. Read my Blog. Again. Yes.. again...
  2. Give me the URL of your favorite 1 blog entry from EACH year** from 2007 to current and tell me WHY you like it or how it has entertained / inspired / affected / angered / pissed you off.... whatever... "I just like it!" is not a good enough reason. Thats a total of 5 links. 2007 (1), 2008 (1), 2009 (1), 2010 (1), and 2011 (1). (Pls. note that no more than 2 URL links out of the 5 chosen can come from my side bar popular posts listing.)
  3. Leave your comment entry here on my comments box of this post.
  4. *Important* Send me your contact details - Real Name, Home Address, Mobile No., your personal blog URL if any to together with your URL list entry so I know which one is yours.
  5. And finally, either give me some link love by linking my blog URL on your blog/website if you haven't already done so. If you don't have a blog, give me a shoutout with my blog link on Facebook and @pamelasim tag me so I know you have linked me up. :) If you don't have a blog/website or facebook. Then let me know.

Thats it! :) So easy right?

How are you going to get it?

Upon receiving your entry and email with personal details. I will arrange either to post the item won to you so don't forget to provide me with your home mailing address. Don't worry, I won't share your personal information with anyone.

OR you can arrange to meet me to pick it up while I transit around Singapore for my classes/training. I will have a schedule that you can check to see where I am for that week to meet me to collect your item and SAY HI! in person too!

However, if we have arranged for collection and you stand me up. *frowns* Your item will be given away to someone else and no, I will not post it to you after for wasting my time. These items are not light weight so carrying them around will not be easy.

I will release these details if there are any self collections (those who are in my classes or those who I see on a weekly basis and if you're one of the winners, I'll bring the item directly to you in class). Good Luck!!!


Pauline Tan said...
This post was very inspiring as I was trying my very best to lose some weight after giving birth to 3 gals.. the weight seem to be ever increasing rather than decreasing despite the many efforts I have put in (maybe not trying too hard!
Wow! You have got my favourite sauce on your blog! I love to have this with spaghetti, pizzas and grilled chicken wings and I really love the tangy feeling on my tongue whenever I season it on my yummy food!! It never failed to uplift my spirits and I usually have this when I’m feeling especially down!
I love the detailed description and the lovely pictures (especially the food pics) that came with it! You made me feel the urge to visit KL at the earliest opportunity and to be able to taste the food you mentioned!! Yummylicious! :D
This entry reminds me of my kitty, Cotton, who is the opposite contrast of Misty! He adores me to the max and follows me everywhere I go! When I’m bathing, he would surely be patiently waiting outside the toilet door for me! He sleeps on my side of the bed, when I’m at work and my daughter says cos Cotton could actually smell me on my side of the bed! LOL
What caught my eye and attention in this entry is the really radiant colours of the pictures, from the array of food display to the flowers and of course, your signature smile. Love your hairstyle, the small buns with the chopsticks!

Anonymous said...

Just emailed you my entry. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

(All details emailed to Pamela already)


Coz im such a fan of zumba, and your post was very informative. I attended David's class before, never knew his gf was Wai Han!


Loved this post as i was at the zumba party too, had so much fun and love seeing the pics on your web.


Loved this post as i had a family vacation at Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel once and had such a good time too. We went during chinese new year and witnessed a lion dance there even!


Impressive bikini. Gives courage to more unskinny girls to wear it!


I went for the API tour b4 too! It was way back in 2004 though and your post brought back memories!

Ann* said...

2011 -

I've seen this a long time ago! Now seeing you do this.. makes me wanna attempt it!

2010 -

I think this is my first time reading about liver detox.. I was half intrigued and half disgusted by your descriptions!

2009 -

why this post.. umm coz it reminds me of your photo in m4m! LOL!

2008 -


2007 -

this.. is just plain eerie!

Ms Mizuki Chan said...


This is the picture I saw when I was going through your 2007 blog posts last year and this picture is exactly what I wanna do and have when I slim down too. I think you are really determined and the progression pictures are great motivation to all and so I started on my own weight loss journey as well to be able to have my very own before after photos.


This is the post that inspired me to start a blog by sitting down, thinking through and jotting down all my goals and objectives on what I want to achieve by July 2011 which is my 7th year anniversary and I dream of a sexy toned body for photoshoot session with hubby as anniversary celebration.


I simply love this set photos of yours, I even bookmark this page last year so that I can try to pose and have those angle photoshoot myself. Camwhore even more to find the right angle to achieve nice photos. You look really very pretty and nice with a natural great smile!!


Woohoo, here come the post which first lead me to your BLOG itself and I was hooked reading your blog upside down for that week. I was searching for ZUMBA information and saw this banner and you are calling for people to join and I was thinking I love ZUMBA, I wanna join definitely and I DID and I saw you dancing and since the event, even more determined to continue with my weight loss journey and ZUMBA as well.


I would say this is the post which surprised a lot of people not only me that you are really that huge previously and it set them thinking seriously that if you can do it, anyone can do it IF they are determined enough and GET STARTED with the right attitude and stuffs. This post also set me thinking perhaps, I should go dig out all the unglam and huge photos of mine too to share with you and my readers. BUT come to think of it, I realised I didn't took much photos when I became huge, it the problem of most huge girls out there. It's only when you feel confident and toned that you camwhore more perhaps. BUT I will still go and find them out one by one through my friends' facebook as I tend to untagged myself last time.

Valerie said...


Love the way how you deconstruct the shirts to make them new and trendy! They look really awesome!


Great review on your experience in Hong Kong! The food looks really yummy! Hope to eat it when I go to Hong Kong.


It inspires me to join aqua aerobics class! Looks interesting and a great workout too! Hope to be more free after my graduation to start on aqua aerobics.


Great review on how to lose weight!


Wow! You really lost a lot of weight! Really impressive! :)

Waine said...


Oh this is such a realistic post, but make sure that the video have the right statistics.Haha. Personally, think Singaporeans don't have to worry too much beacuse the abortion rate is not that high compared to the States. Moreover, the local government is trying many measures for every couple to get married and have child. There maybe many unfortunate for couple trying for children. But thanks to 21st century Technology that life has improved!


Most often people use their index finger to point others that inludes children. Maybe when nobody teach a child to point, the child uses it's index finger to do so. The thumb pointing is much much polite way to do so. and the palm is more for ushering event purposes. Best way to point is using the thumb for me. Nice post*


I felt boldness from you to post out your before and after photo indirectly and directly influence every readers who are desiring intensely to weigh down as well. Thumbs Up for the Courage to post your past photos and videos!


It's very motivating to know that you have the confidence to show the before and after photos. that includes a video!


Awesome creativity unleash. I hope you could do more sharings about how you do and how you find your inspiration on the upcoming blog posts!

Frond said...

loved the picture of the leaves with dew on them... copied them as my desktop pic actually... its so refreshing and calming and peaceful.

this totally grossed me out... no idea why anyone would wanna do that to themselves... but good info to have stored somewhere in some remote brain cell :P

loved your write up on this hotel stay... made me so tempted to go but in the end we chose to head outside the country for our hols

The Mom Song... enough said.. love, love, love it!

love the song... as I revisited this post today.. posted it up on my FB wall too. Somethings just resonate so deeply with other mothers.

Pauline Tan said...


Thanks for the wallet! love it :)