Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nightmare on Bus 190

After last Saturdays' dance class, my girlfriends who joined my class and I decided to have some girl time together for dinner and to people watch over at Clarke Quay for abit. Little did we know that we were in for a little bit of a nightmare that evening...

Serene, Pek Gan and I fresh after the latest circuit training routine
that I've created, feeling va-va-voom with the latest deconstructed tops that I created, set off from the club at Bukit Timah. We were chatting happily and boarded the bus 190 that would have brought us direct to Clarke Quay with a travel time of only about 15 minutes... 10 minutes into the journey, it struck me that I was seeing trees, trees and more trees.

We were on the highway heading to Choa Chu Kang!! We were going the wrong way!!
Argh!! It completely escaped us that we were on the bus that was heading the wrong direction and the worse part was that it was a journey to one end of Singapore with a non-stop bus that went over major long highways to the west end of Singapore. We had no choice but to wait till the bus hit Bukit Panjang.

We then decided to just have dinner in the west instead and head down to CQ after. We peered out the bus windows in hopes to see a food centre and eventually saw one but realised shortly after that the nearest bus stop was just too far to walk back towards it. So we headed onwards toward the CCK interchange. My god, that just mean another 20 minutes on the bus as the bus traversed internally through the CCK estate... *smacks head*

When we finally disembarked, we were already somewhat delirious and proceeded to get something to eat and shortly after lined up to board the same bus back towards town to our final destination for the evening.

From the time we boarded the bus in the wrong direction, it was only 6pm and bright as seen above. By the time we hit back town, it was already 8pm and dark. We had practically made a 15 minute journey turn into a 2 hour one on the "same" bus. *blink blink* Bimbo Moment.

We tried however to make our journey as interesting as possible and whenever Serene whips out her iphone, we know that we would be taking pictures of us in strange positions and poses. And incase anyone was wondering, I am 101% straight so I really am not into kissing other females... this picture is not what it seems.

Sometime into the ride... ZZzzzz.... why does it take sooooo long... *peers at traffic on the highway... & falls back asleep*... eventually, we finally hit town with flat aching butts. Pek Gan already on the edge of her seat ready to slide off, Serene with her not so glam snore position and a grumpy me uncomfortable in my seat...

Serene took this shot and even though it was only part of my face and grumpy, we thought it was a nice picture that made me look like such a little girl.. hahaha! A 33 yo middle age mom of 2 pre-teens trying to pass off as a SYT.... *sweet young thing*... ewww... *balks* Hahaha!

Eventually we reached our stop and stumbled off the bus relieved. Finally, we have reached. Albeit not so cheerful, alot less energetic and feeling a little half dead...

The night eventually ended well as I took the opportunity to pop into Azzucar. Where I had previously worked with them as their external design, PR and events partner for a period of time and held 2 of my past birthday celebrations there. Sadly, it was their last day and Azzucar is now officially out of operations and closed. I made my rounds to say goodbye to everyone I knew there. So one of my favorite haunts is now gone forever, along with the live cuban band that I grew to appreciate who belted out many of my favorite spanish tunes and dance numbers.

We then proceeded to Cuba Libre around the corner at Clarke Quay to enjoy some more amazing music played by a pretty nifty and charming Colombian band. Serene knew the club manager, Trevor and he made us his guests for the evening so everything was on the house. He ensured that everyone had their drinks. Mine was a Virgin Mojito (non alcoholic! okay)... and Trevor plied the table FULL of extremely delicioso yummies!! They were seriously tasty tasty food.. if anything, I'd be back there to eat!

We had grilled chicken cheesy nachos with JalapeƱos, crispy Prawn cheese bruchettas and Mango chicken Cheese Quesadillas and the menu was open to us to order more if we wanted to.. Gosh.. talk about being spoilt for choice!! Too bad after the initial round of food, I was ready to "give birth" right there n then with the amount of food offered. What a wonderful *pats tummy* experience that was... really good food, good music, love the company and a final good end for such an adventurous evening... Thank you Serene and Trevor for the treat! :) Salsa and Bachata one day? :) Por supuesto!

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