Monday, February 07, 2011

Zumba ZIN 28 Training

Every 2-5 months, Zumba releases a new release with new songs and new choreography to update and refresh each Zumba Fitness instructor taking the training. In other parts of the world, Zumba instructors would get their updated ZINs by post on a regular bi-monthly basis as they are released into the market.

However, in Singapore. We have it different. We wait for each and every ZIN release and the call for training. We all gather at an appointed gym studio and we drill out the technical steps for the appointed dance style for the day, whether its for salsa, merengue, cumbia or reggaeton.. it could be anything the ZES *Zumba Education Specialist* had selected for that training.

We had our latest ZIN 28 training over at True Fitness on the 9th of January with our favourite ZES of all time, David Velez, in green. (Yeah, and I'm only talking about it like 1 month later?). Well we're having another two trainings this Sunday, 13th February! ZIN 29 and ZIN 30 together!! I'm crazy excited as I know that ZIN 29 has an AMAAAAZING track list and nothing beats rocking the dance floor with my fellow Zumba instructors.. I know I see some of you often but yknow I heart all of you!! :)

Group shots with David and the rest of the Zumba instructors from Singapore and Brunei post workout after David had gotten everyone all hot & sweaty. If you attend Zumba Fitness classes in Singapore, you may know some of these people in these pictures! :) Many of these people are my dear dear friends and they're amazing people!

Viva La Zumba!! Peace Love Zumbaaa!!
ZIN29 and 30, here I come!!!


Zurynee said...

I would love to see angela or beto to perform here in sgp. Do you think they will ever stop over here? I know beto will be at down under this year ;)

Aka Pamela S. said...

He might come back? Beto came here some 2 years back to train with the initial batch of instructors, we'll have to see what Zumba in Singapore has in store.. I hear that theres something exciting coming up!