Friday, February 11, 2011

David's Farewell Class... Again.

Yeah again... I guess everyone just can't bear to let him leave. From the last class at Cali that saw most of these people crying to having yet another "Farewell" dance session with the seƱor before he really leaves Singapore for good. My dance instructor, the one who inspired my foray into Zumba Fitness and who has pushed me to excel to prove myself that I can give my best in this industry to those who are willing to join me.

Apparently, he's leaving with Wai Han (his girlfriend) to Taiwan where he will be more involved with Zumba and will be back in Singapore *schedule permitting* to train the instructors from time to time.

Group shot after all that crazy shaking. The mood was excellent, atmosphere was electric and there were many who finally experienced what a true quality Zumba Fitness class is like. My girlfriend Zuri organised the session together with some light food & beverages at the Hollandse club on the 10th of February 2011. Will miss these kind of gatherings and hope we all meet up again soon!

For now.. its onwards to more weightloss! I gained 4kg over the CNY weekend!! Imagine that!! I started Day 1 at 67kg. Day 3 saw me at 71kg?! but.. I'm pleased to report that 1 week post that freakish weighing, I'm back to my previous 67kg and have only 7kg left to go! Cheer me on! I can do it!! :)

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