Saturday, July 05, 2008

Birthday Lunch Treat!

My girlfriend Kay invited me out for a Birthday lunch treat today. "Meet you at Far East Plaza at 2pm!" she said.. so after a Zumba class at Orchard, I headed down and met her at Anatolia Turkish Restaurant. 2nd floor, on the right side of Far East Plaza. I've never eaten Turkish food before so I was excited!

I never considered purposely looking for Turkish food before so I had no idea what to choose! There was a "buffet salad bar" but it was not REALLY a buffet.. you could only go ONCE!
But the lady at the counter said "take as much as you want!" but did she MUMBLE silently "but you can only go ONCE??!!" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *ROAR*

They should really tell u that when you pay for the meal so that they won't have to remind you when you are there for the 2nd round that they allow one round only! Like that HOW WOULD I KNOW WHAT I LIKE?! Try abit of everything first and then later go back for more of what u like right? Thats how BUFFETS WORK dude! *fume* Nevermind.. *eyes roll*

The "buffet" came with some Turkish bread..which was quite nice actually.. tasted like it had onion in it too...

And my plate of salad mix.... hmn.... cold dishes mostly. I liked it but the "go once only buffet thing" did not sit well with me. Might as well ask us to order little containers than leave a counter there for us to CHOOSE "as much as we liked?!?"

Kay ordered a Chicken Donner Rice platter.. it came with 2 tomatoes, 2 fries.. *we were amused that there were ONLY 2 fries! Like not here not there right?*, rice mixed with nuts & vegetables and topped with grilled chicken..

I chose the Beef Roll... not bad!

We had some dessert too! Rice custard. It came with a crusty burnt top so we removed it to reveal soft gooey custard with rice bits... yumm.. its akin to a creme brulee but they really "brulee"d this... aka Leche Flan...

And some chocolate pudding too... nice.

And Kay & I just before we left after a lovely meal and enjoying each other's company... we spent some time travelling on the trains and talking.. you can't get enough of gossip, men, horror stories and some bitching when u put two ladies together! Its funny how we both clicked so well from the first time we met during a business meeting to becoming friends.

We were rating the ladies sitting around us.."eyes pointing to a lady - what do u rate that?" ... "errr! A six.. hahhhaa"... "yeah me too.. ha ha!" Such lighthearted banter..

Not alot of people click so well with me so when I do find one.. its just precious. :)

Then at the end of that all.. Mommy Pam back to mommy business and picking my bebe up from school... :) Say Cheese!

Final installment of Birthday celebrations coming up tomorrow! Its a International Buffet Dinner with Family & Friends and I'm SO looking foward to meeting everyone again! *screams*

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