Sunday, July 20, 2008

Archive: My Great Grand Parents!

I got linked in with my cousin, King *yes, thats his name* in Philippines through my sister's facebook account and it was very nice catching up to whats been happening to family on that side. And I found something really precious!

A rare picture of my great grand parents! *Alex! Look look! Have u seen this before?*

Apparently, this picture was taken during the Spanish-Japanese Era and my great grand father was a Chief Justice of the Philippines Judicial system! *fwooah!! impressive!*. It turns out that they were involved in politics from then till recent times and now I know why our family name "Ocampo" is so synonymous and famous when we mention it now. There's also a tragic love story that comes with this couple.. I'll see if there's more to know.. how interesting! *muse*

It turns out that we were right in saying our mixed heritage has spanish roots because its confirmed that our great great grandparents *ie parents of these 2 here* were pure spanish.....

So much for the family tree... what an interesting find.. :)

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