Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How a Non Chinese speaking Parent teaches Mandarin...

This is how I do it. People who know me knows. I don't speak chinese. I don't read it either. Or more like.. I can't. But my kids have to and they have chinese and english spelling every week.

So when my momma in law isn't around, how does chinese spelling get done? Like this!!

We go through a round of reading the words. I write it in something that I can pronounce. I know its not even Hanu Pin Yin but whatever.

And then its translated into English. They read it. Practice the words and then time to test comes around.

I cover everything and read out the word in English. They SAY it in Chinese then write the Characters down on paper if they can remember it.

Kanasai but its the only way I know how a non chinese speaking parent. Aka me can get my kids to learn chinese... Phew~! Not impossible but very hard to accomplish.


Jodelicious said...

meow, errr, after u try to teach me blogging for so many months, jojo finally on my writing... heee, 4 entry today.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Yay! Once your blog is active, I'll link you on my blog ok. Link me too ok?

siaoeh said...

not sure if it'll matter.. but no.1 should be 'left and right' not 'right and left' :-) I used to get the 2 words confused when I was young, hope your girls don't!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Siaoeh,

Thanks for the update. I'll let my daughter know just to check that she knows the correct one. :)