Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brazillian Virgin!

How strange! Refer to this post on iTag I did earlier today. And out of this, I've gotten 2 lunch offer replacements and a mani/pedi replacements instead of doing the tag! Hahhaha Are tags really that hard to do?

I find it so amusing! Shelly said "its fucking lor soh lah!, I'm going to ignore that tag and pay for the mani/pedi instead". Moley said "Har!.... I'll bring you to lunch". Agnes said "I'd rather pay for lunch." and the rest.. well I'm not sure if they'll do it but they KNOW now that they have been tagged. If you're not hahah then join my upcoming fund.

SOOO... I've come up with an idea. I'm converting these replacements and any upcoming contributions to a BRAZILLIAN fund. I'm a brazillian virgin! (That doesn't mean I don't keep myself neat ok! Jungle bushes are very unappealing)

What is a Brazillian Fund? Its a fund that goes towards my first professional Brazillian Wax at Strip. How much does it cost? Well, wanna do might as well do a complete one.

XXXX Brazillian - $55
a Hoochie Coochie Calm Me Down Post Wax Care treatment - $35.

Total: $96.30
*UPDATE: Shelly mentioned that there is GST so total cost has been revised.*

Seriously, $96.30 to rip hair of my punani....and painfully at that... gawd *shudder*.. I must be insane but you've gotta try something like this at least once! Since all my girlfriends have been saying that its so worth the silky baby soft skin after.... *shudder again*.

I'd try it.

But only if it was sponsored. So... anyone up to joining the Brazillian fund, please email me HERE. Put in the title: "Brazillian Fund" You don't have to be tagged to join the fund. You, my dear reader/friend/family might want to do it because you might find it amusing or just that you would like to contribute to an experience that I'm pretty sure I'd never forget. Hahaha...

So email me or buzz me on MSN, I'd let you know my account number to do a random amount contribution which would be up to you in amount. Its cheaper than bringing me to lunch right? Hahaha... I'll let everyone know once this fund has hit enough and I'll set an appt to do it. *shudder for the 3rd time*

AND I'll be a good girl and come back here and tell everyone about it... hahahhha... So how?

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