Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm in love with...

BOURSIN CHEESE!! I love love love love cheese and I had a taste of this when Molemole brought me out for a birthday lunch date last week. I hunted down the cheese sections and found this at Cold Storage Bugis today.

Wasn't sure it was the correct one but it was and IT WAS SO DAMN FREAKING NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE IT good.. we bought the garlic one and I finished the whole thing in just one sitting. *musing at how good it was in my head*

Too good. Now I'm going off to get the other flavours too when I go to the supermarket next. So damn expensive at $8+ a pop but FWOAH LAO... give me this anyday and I'd hug u till the cows come home..

*drool* Wanna buy me something? Buy me some Boursin and I'll be One Happy Chika. ((wailing that my pack of cheese is finished...))

**pout & stare at CJ expectantly**....

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