Sunday, July 20, 2008

iLike & iTag YOU!

No, its not a new Osim invention. Its a Psim invention *smirk - Psim! Get it? Pamela Sim? hahhaha *cough ~cold shivers~ cough** Anyway.. moving on... iLike is a list of things that I like! and I'm iTagging as a new tag list to the following people so I'll be waiting for your iLike lists soon! Ahem... its quite a nifty name eh? (Okay, you can stop rolling ur eyes now.)

iTag the following people: Molemole, Wendy, Lydia, Krisandro, Agnes, Shelly, Shirly, Adele, someone to do it from the 4 girls from 4losers.not! and finally my lao gong, CJ.

Remember now. Try not to copy and paste my list, please think up of your own list with at least 30 things that you like, the more the merrier and then when you're done. Leave a message on my chatbox to let me know you've done it and then go tag at least another 3 more people or more if you know more people you want to do this. Leave a message on their blog to let them know they've been iTagged.

And the consequences of NOT doing this tag *heh heh - new rules I just set* is that you would have to bring me & pay for LUNCH or DINNER one of these days and ensure that what we're eating is going to be CARB FREE or minimalistically low in carb OR send me for a manicure/pedicure. Remember now. I will hound u.. hahaha so get it up.. and iTag!

So here goes... iLike....

Toasted butter bread with honey, marmalade, Lipbalm - can't live without it, chocolate, pashmina shawls, fresh baked olive bread & butter, good coffee, chocolate icecream w milo n whipped cream, AVOCADO milkshakes, cheesecake, fried chicken, fruits, music, peanut butter, honey sandwiches, rainbows, money, sleeping late, muscles on men, getting free stuff, having nice photos taken, losing weight, people telling me that I look hot and mean it, an appreciative smile from a stranger, an even more appreciative smile from my hubby, hugs, kisses, orgasms, multiple orgasms!!, managing to pluck out ingrown hair, hearing people laugh at my jokes, msn messenger, cheques in the mail, the smell of rain, watching great movies, hot popcorn and cheesy nachos, Pokka green tea, red roses, body lotion, Marks & Spencers stuff, well fitting clothes, stuffed toys, kittens, comfortable heels, diamonds, fat babies, the smell of babies, unexpectedly finding money, friends buying gifts for me from overseas, chocolate chip cookies, chunky ice-cream, nuts of all kinds, lipgloss, lipbalm, Angpows, the smell of Polo Ralph Lauren Safari on a man, hotel beds & room service, cheesecake, strawberries with whipped cream, men with broad shoulders & big hands, steaks, readers who say I inspire them or just emails to me thats not work related, neat nice looking eyebrows, friends that call just to say hi because they really missed missed and was thinking about me, shape Magazine, winning contests, winning the lottery, beaches on a cool day, large sunglasses, receiving handwritten letters in the mail, receiving packages in the mail, well cut bootleg jeans, Robinsons vouchers, Marks & Spencer Bacon Chips & cookies, Disney & Pixar animation Cartoons, Good porn *hahahhha I know this came out of no-where but there IS such thing as good and bad ones*, recieving my daughter's artwork & little wrapped presents, my hubby quietly snuggling up with me at night and whispering he loves me when he thinks I'm asleep, when my camwhore pictures come out looking hawt and I don't have a double chin, when my scales don't show any weight gain - maintain or loss is ok. Gain? AArgh!!, Pasta, Cream Sauces, Mushrooms, Cheese!, Chicken in a Biskit, Godiva chocolates, necklaces & pendants, diamond earrings, paints and big pieces of paper, pretty pencils and pens, cold ribena, the anticipation of leaving to another country at the airport, duty free shopping, dainty face masks, full body massages, new hair colour, L'óreal Liss Extreme for ultra smooth & soft hair, laptops, good techno/house music when I workout, looking firm after a workout at the gym, saunas & steam rooms, the sense of achievement I felt when I recieved my school results and found that I broke the all time school record and scored a 92 for my advertising course, glow in the dark stars, gift wrapped presents, christmas trees, christmas decorations, churches, angels, pretty bibles, love songs, scratch n sniff stickers, zumba, body combat, strong showers, foot scrubs, good fitting bras, thongs, beef, buffets, ice-cream, milo powder, computer games, fast internet connections, seeing myself in magazines, photoshoots, makeup artists putting makeup on me, manicures/pedicures, large raisins, preserved fruits, fruitcake, chocolate fudge, fondue, marshmallows, durian, pandan kueys, ice jelly, yam cakes, pretty red hair clips, flower clips, brooches, baby laughter, Ikea, meatballs, walking in the rain, jumping into puddles, dreams that I can remember details of, crystals, crystal balls, windy days, stawberry milkshakes, holding CJ's hand and walking together outside & how he tucks my thumb into his palm because it keeps snagging his pants, magnets, cheese powder, sucking my cheese powdered covered fingers after a bag of cheesy chips, not wearing underwear, walking about naked at home, pretty containers, yogurt, lumpy cottage cheese, fresh pulpy orange juice, hami melons, sweet pineapples, bananas, bubble yum grape bubble gum, roasted garlic, rainy nights, wallets with alot of pockets to put alot of stuff but still looks somewhat slim when everythings inside, dental floss, hair conditioners, glitter, half boiled eggs with ketchup and black pepper, grilled cheese sandwiches.... all these and many more... *scratch head thinking...damn! I realise my list has alot of FOOD! -.-''*

So whats yours? iTag! *Damn! Did you read though all that?!?* ((eye cramp!))

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