Saturday, July 05, 2008

Presents & a 3rd Cake!

A continuation of my 30th birthday celebrations... My SIL bought me a cake too! Blueberry with fruits on pretty! so I have presents from my girls too! Yay!

A homemade card from Lauren... *love love*

She carefully wrapped this and put a purple ribbon in this little package. Purple Staples!! U might be going "oh! staples also can meh!" caan!!! She thought of me when she saw it at the bookstore and told me that she thought to herself "mommy will like this!!" and.. I do!!..

She probably went with less food for a recess just to get this for me.. *touched* This blue ribbon was from Eirian...

And more little ribbons from Lauren - 30 cents each! Alamak.. so expensive for such a small little thing! *faint*

I recieved a little package from Lauren too.. It contained a little plastic black bangle.. black too! She knows I would think it would be easier to match... so sweet lah she...

And my SIL gave me a Burberry Polo Tee! I LOVE Polo tees.. and I like Burberry too and you know what amused me more? Look carefully at the picture! Its a size S!! S!!! Can you imagine! Small!! and it fits too!! Insane lah!! I've not seen a size S piece article of clothes in my cupboard for more than a decade!! *happy musing*

And finally.. a custom made halter top, sewn by Wendy. Personally delivered tonight to my doorstep literally by Wendy and her Lao Gong, Kenny! Thank you! A black version with modifications from the first Red One... the red one is a 2 tie top.. this one has 3 back straps.. I'll be wearing this tomorrow for my Birthday Dinner at Tiffany Cafe @ Furama Hotel! Whoot!! I like it!

Ignore the fat legs hahhaa.. they'll be covered with Jeans tomorrow... heh heh! *Excited!!*

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petite fleur said...

Happy Belated Birthday Pam....Wow how many parts of your birthday celebration are there ?

The halter top rocks !