Wednesday, July 09, 2008

By Popular Demand... The Final Birthday Installation...

So yes finally, the final installation to my 30th Birthday Celebrations. Specially invited friends came to join me for Dinner... *and paid for their own Dinner too!*.

A place was booked at Tiffany Cafe at Furama Hotel for their International Buffet Spread complete w Chocolate Fondue!

Above- Molemole and myself before the whole gang trooped in. She blogged about this too HERE! I was very pleased at how attentive the service staff were. Very accomodating and VERY alert! They constantly checked in with me if everything was alright and if they could help.

The offered to have the chef make Kueh Pi Ties for us too after seeing me attempt to make very UGLY LOOKING ones together with a plastic glove. Definitely a 2 thumbs up for service. Well deserved 10% service charge and maybe more!

Up to the time I made my booking, the restaurant manager constantly checked in with me. Since I had children attending, they allocated an empty table at the side *thumbs up for thinking of this!* and stuck balloons on all the chairs in our "reserved"area! How sweet lah!!

The manager then came out to entertain the kids with colour pencils and a sticker/colouring book! ... very impressive lah.. specially purchased just for this dinner, I was told. *big grin*

Soon, little by little my guests arrived.. while my girls and Bon -> molemole's daughter waited. This is Cecilia and she's Daryl's wife. You wouldn't believe this but she is a MOTHER OF 5 KIDS!! *faint* Too swee right!

And of course, ma girls! Diana, mother of a girl n a boy, Shelly, mother of 1 boy and Pree aka Jane Doe of FM 91.3!. I would not forgive these 3 if they did not make it for the dinner. Hahahaha... so pretty all of u lah!! *wolf whistle*

Cecilia and Chermaine and Sandra! Sandra, mom of 2 boys and Chermaine, mom of a boy n a girl, have seen me through the end of my first pregnancy till now.. had all our kids grow up together.. Sandra's 2 boys are both 2 weeks older than my girls respectively.

And Adele and Joe Augustine came to join me too! Joe is now at Power 98 in the mornings! So if u missed out on that big hoo ha of him having to leave 91.3FM.. those people don't know what they have lost!! Thank God he's back on Radio!

Honoured lah! Thanks for taking the time off!! Hey Dudes.. its Joe A!! He Da Man Lahhh... despite his horrendous back ache.. he still came and gave me a big bear hug... fwoah lao... *grin*
And here you see, Preetha and her Beau, Regan! Whoot! *hugs*

And my girl Stefanie!! This is my one of my favourite babes of all time. We clicked from the first time we met! Worked marketing together for a while at Mothercare some years back... *you may find her familiar if you are a Mothercare customer* Love love.

And my friend, Lawrence. A very experienced events guy, 12 years experience, who did work for LV and Avon! Shit! Those were totally gorgeous!! Very inspiring. I want those kind of projects and those kinds of budgets to work with!!! Owns several companies other than the events co, ie an IT co and now does Consultancy. Anyone needs to hire a consultant, he might be the man for the job but let me tell you. He won't come cheap but he may be well worth it.

And Shelly & Nash with Baby Joshua... Shelly too was suffering from a serious back-ache but she kept her promise to come nevertheless. Very touched and appreciative. *Thanks girl - big hugs*

And shortly into the dinner after Joshua was fed and happy, they surprised me with a flower baby!! So cute lah!! "Look Aunty Pam! I cho cute!" and indeed he was! And promptly then pulled off the "petals" and laughed.

He has one of the cutest baby laugh I tell u. Shelly! U should record it lah! Those kind that when you hear it, you can't help but laugh along. Awwwww....

Agnes aka Zambuk Queen is a friend and a faithful blog reader. I know haha bc I check my stats daily! Thank you for coming and being my friend.

Wendy aka Arkerchi aka HoneyPudding and her Hubby Kenny and her daughters also graced the occasion. I was very happy to see them too! Wendy is the one who custom made this black halter that I'm wearing at the dinner! So Swee!! Forgot to take picture of the back but its 3 ribbons and alot of exposed flesh hahaha...

If anyone is interested, you might want to get in touch with her through her blog and buy some of her craft items. A good estimate for a top like mine would be at least $35 per piece. But very swee right? Order from her lah!

So came the time to blow the candles on the cake and Tiffany Cafe's management gave me a complimentary 2kg chocolate cake! It was very pretty and I love that it had strawberries, gold dust and chocolate all around! And it was SOOOO GOOD!!

The gang made me stand on the chair while they sang and I clanged a glass in tune.. I was out of tune *rolls eyes - must be rhythm deaf* hahaha.... "Happy Birthday tooo youu..." (delayed pause- oh! clang!) "Happy Birthday to yoooouu" (another delayed pause - oh!! clang!!)... and it went on like that... abit spastic I know... -.-''

Made my wish on my 4th Birthday cake this year and then gave my thanks to all who came.. THANK YOU LAH EVERYONE!! Thanks for taking the time to spend the evening with me.

I was so happy to see everyone gathered at one place!

And my cake! For a while after we realised that it said, "Happy Birthday Panle" and asked the waiter if he was sure that this was MY CAKE? hahahha.. it was... and we looked closely and realised that it was. It was actually "Pame" with the "la" broken off somewhere.... nevermind.. the cake was still pretty!!

The invitations to this group of people were specific not to bring a present but to pay for dinner instead! Everyone was agreeable but some still came with presents! *Aiyah no need mah! paiseh paiseh... paying for your own dinner is a present in itself!!*

I would showcase those that did though... with much appreciation. :) To maintain anonymonity as some people want me to keep their pressie anonymous but how can! I can feel the love lah!

There were La Senza Slipons! Love it and is SUPER comfy can! A glittery red purse which is SO ME LAH!! and this one I can give credit to. Wendy. With her nimble fingers made me a pouch, pretty hair ties for my girls and keychains!

I love gifts that comes with Ribbons... I always keep the ribbons! I had chocolate and sweets from Australia and a bracelet/watch/earring/necklace set! and of course the creme de la creme... this person KNOWS that I looove gift vouchers... got me a good amount of vouchers... *Thank you!!!!*

So thats it! I'm now 30... *looking into the distance*... now what?

(Breaking into a smile) - Being in my 30s is going to be great....

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