Sunday, July 20, 2008

Do you believe in Angels?

On any given normal day... you'd just see just me.. but at night! I become an angel! Complete with wings too! Not... sigh.. I wish I were though...

We took this picture in my dad's garden at my birthday dinner. My uncle Ben was trying out his camera tricks and this was done with some kind of prolonged exposure trick.

My sister, Alex armed with a torchlight behind me, "drew" my halo and wings around me while I tried to stand as still as I could while the camera was "open" and when she was done, she yelled okay! and SNAP! close exposure and viola! I have glowing wings!!! Super neat trick right!

We tried these with sparklers too but I kept on moving and this already was by far my clearest shot.. and still! Its blur.. but but but!! I'm an angel!! Heh heh... Angels move fast... probably why we can never see them and only feel their presence...

So do you believe in Angels?

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