Sunday, September 04, 2011

Candylicious Dating

The hubster and I go dating at least once every week or two for time alone in between classes or just when the kids are out doing their own stuff. Sometime in July, we went to Resorts World just for a stroll about the shops there. Nope, didn't gamble nor go to Universal studios but we had a fun time roaming the Candylicious shop there at RWS for the afternoon after some food & ice-cream.

I thought it would be a great time to feature the hubster here as he was at one of his heaviest to date at 135kg in July. He had since returned to training since then and today, he stands at 112kg and more to go before he reaches his target of his previous 86kg size HERE. Watch this space to see the transformation in 3 months time! 

Fooling around with the Hershey and Reese men... Haha! And introducing our new extended family!! M&Ms yello, gween, bru and rad. Hhahaah! Btw, do you know what M&Ms stand for? Check out M&M's Wikipedia HERE to find out!

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