Saturday, March 03, 2007

BAM! plus Weightloss Tips I follow...

If anyone recalls in one of my previous post CNY rants.. I gained all the weight that I lost in Jan? All 5kg of it.

Well, 1.5 weeks back into my regime. BAM! They're gone again so I'm starting off with a clean slate once more. This semi-atkins diet that CJ has me on is totally amazing.. and works so fast.. not to mention, with the help of some exercise too...

So wish me luck everyone! 35kg more to go...

I wanted to start a post on weightloss tips that have been used that was working for you. It may be a good reference for those who are struggling to start or those who are in the process or doing maintenance.

I'll start off some of mine...

1. Drink ALOT of water... if you can't drink from cups.. make little bottles and store it everywhere and if that doesn't work, drink from straws. It makes the water go down easier.

2. Store little bottles of water in the lower part of your fridge and every time you open the fridge to try to grab a snack, grab a bottle of water at the same time. Fills you up and adds to your water intake.

3. Drink black coffee before you exercise. KOPI-0 with a little sugar but definitely NO MILK. It helps burn and give you more boost to the workout.

4. Have more sex.. hahah why I say this.. its an inevitable.. U work out, you feel happy because of the endorphins that is created post-exercise, you feel healthier or more alive as u finally get to feeling muscles that have been lazy for too long, you go back. Just do it. It not only gives u that little bit more exercise, it relaxes your body, makes the hubby happy with the increase in frequency - I don't know any hubby who would object to this - and when hubby is happy, all the more he will be supportive of your fitness plan so you can continue with even more mental and emotional support. Makes sense?

5. Cut down the rice or cut OUT the rice...Do you really need rice or that much with your meals? If you're a png tang (rice container) like me, either be determined to cut it out totally or try eating a few spoonfuls less than usual... This helps as you don't end up feeling bloated and suffer from AFS - After food syndrome where you end up feeling REALLY sleepy after meals.. Carbs do that to you because all the blood is directed to your digestive system to digest the food.. and there is only so much of blood in your body.. ONE AT A TIME PLEASE! ... stomach function over brain.. hehehee

6. Cut out sugary drinks.. or have less.. same as above.. and you know what sugar does to you.

7. Reduce the amount of fried food, flour made snacks n dishes, noodles and potatoes aka starch filled foods. Savour but do not binge..

8. Eat Breakfast. Have a quality lunch and eat very little dinner. This for your regular routine... but exceptional, company dinners, hubby bring you out for pat tor dinner or family dinners are an exception... you're not trying to torture yourself, but make them exceptions. It makes things easier.

9. Have friends and family support you! Everyone wants to get started, many of them give up even before they do... but get started and soon more will follow.. support is very important esp from your spouse for this.

.... there are more but I'll get to them when I rememeber them later... so anyone have any more for me?

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