Friday, March 16, 2007

Did ya miss me?

I'm still alive if anyone was wondering.. just really busy.. so if anyone cares.. here I am just saying.. I'll be back when I can... alot of thoughts.. some pictures taken.. and some long overdue writing to be done soon.. I hope.. :) man... I'm getting old! Time for a spa! Call me if you want to join me and we can choose from the multitude of free spa vouchers I have.. haha am seriously not kidding when I say multitude... bwhhahaha... just need to get some ME time soon...
Anyone reading must be thinking "oh god, what a huge ass picture of Pam!!" well.. I figured that if no one can appreciate a smile these days, why not have myself smile back at me while I stare at myself and think... "not long more girl"... you're going to be 30 soon... *screams* I can't believe its going to be the last time I celebrate a TWENTIES... and next year will be my THIRTIES... have I peaked? have I achieved? I'm hoping to enter it with purpose. I'm hoping to leave this decade reminisent of memories that has made a major impact in my life for the better.. Perhaps I'll go through this decade another time, another post... another day..

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