Thursday, June 14, 2007

Responding to threats...

See how tired I am!! I can't even sit up to take this photo.... not to mention.. my complexion isn't doing very well lately and those eye bags! *oh! faint...**.. Diana!!! I need that diamond treatment thing you do.. how else can I get my skin as porcelain smooth tofu like... I am now tempted to strip Lauren and Eirian of their skin and replace it with mine.. BWHAHAHHAA... *EVIL MOMMY*
Okay okay! To those who threatened to... "run me over with a friends car..." or "secretly add waterchestnut to my food" and demanded, "update your damned blog now!!"... here I am.. wow I didn't know you guys loved me that much ... hahahhaha... U better read my blog more regularly and give me some damned comments lah! How I know who's reading.. no one read then I update for what??
But.... Sorry lah! I've been sooooooooooooo blindly busy.. I, pam=the queen of sleepalot have not even been sleeping alot! The past 3 weeks have been crazy! Even my chair in the office screamed and broke under my butt... (stop sniggering, its not because i'm fat that it broke ok) *wails...* not my fault! Lousy chair!!! Anyway.. CJ got it changed with metal castors and legs so if it breaks again, I'm will be condemned to be sitting on a $4.90 Ikea stool. *sob* You won't do that to me right darling?... would you? *pout*
See! I smile for u... sans makeup leh.. so ugly n still show u.. hair like crazy woman too... See how much I love thee ... hahaha.. smile can? And can stop bombing my phone with ur UPDATE UR BLOG sms.. hah nah hah nah.. I update now ok?

Let me see... what is coming up... well a really long upcoming event.. about 3 weeks long.. I am going to fall flat in August.. I know it.. and before anyone can say anything, I'm officially taking a few days off to sleep.. Say already hor! So after 2nd August, please don't disturb me ok, I'll be in dreamland....

Next movie event will be on the 24th of June.. looks to be a nice one.. have alot of goodies in store. So if any of you has kids... come lah! Theres a caricaturist, gym time, drama time, yoyo time and lucky draw time! So many things to do, so worth it to come and you still don't come?? Haiz.... sometimes I wonder if these parents who attend appreciate all the hard work we put into creating these events... there are some though.. who call us back the day after and really show their appreciation and it makes us FEEL SOOOO GOOD!! Ahhh... thats called work satisfaction.

On a personal note, Lauren's school holidays started and 2-3 weeks have passed and I still haven't done any holiday thing with her... I'm feeling SOOOOO bad!!! Left only 2 more weeks... Just don't have the time or energy... maybe I'll schedule a night movie with her.. just her and Eirian... with lots of nachos and popcorn... I'm sure they'll like that... Eirian is also at home to keep Lauren company and to bond with her sister... I know its almost driving my MIL up the wall with both the girls at home but they really love it there together... *mental note- must get my MIL something nice to show her how much I love her too...* Where to find such a good MIL!! Where? I'm blessed lah.. :)

I want to bring them to the zoo too.. maybe I'll ask CJ to bring them this weekend... just for the morning... they'll like that too...

Update more later... :)

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