Friday, June 22, 2007

You know you're old when...

you can totally relate to this picture. Time has taken its toll on a very tired body like mine.. not long now, I'll be turning 29... the last year of my 20s.. where did my 20s go? It was life changing.. its a wonder what 10 years can do to a person in changing the way things are.. I wonder how I'll be and what I'll be doing and where I'd be when I hit 39. Physically, everything is looking south. Literally. For the past year, I've had crappy looking hair.. hair that was my crowning glory. When it was long, it was gorgeous.. even I admired it alot. When I cut it, I returned to looking like a century egg with hair.. it was disastrous! Ive been looking and feeling like an ah mah for months now! Its time for a redo for my hair and taking back my chestnut colour highlights and perhaps buying some chestnut coloured contacts just for fun.

July 2nd is going to come around in a wink of an eye.. and I'm not in a mood for a party. Its true that after a while, you kinda grow out of the birthday party phase.. its kinda sad. Perhaps I just need a little more me time to make me feel better.

I spend time everyday taking in a little part of the lives of people I know through their blogs. Some don't even know I exist, some know I read their blog regularly. Its amusing to know what people go through and find out how sometimes we have so much in common.

There are some though, who has not been updating their blogs too! *cough* *hack* pree *cough* How the heck am I supposed to know whats up with you if you don't blog it girl!

Anyway.. back to me.. my little studio is now flowing with mountains of Coffee.. literally mountains.. ok.. hills.. but still! Alot of Coffee.. one of our sponsors decided to be generous and now we're in caffeine land... anyone want coffee? Lol.. I'll give you a cup if you come visit me and you can go back home with 2 bottles. Its THAT many... and you read it right, BOTTLES.. not packs..bottles...

Coffee is great, sometimes... but when you have a hill of a couple of hundred bottles sitting right beside you.. its the last thing on my mind... perhaps I'll go for some Pokka green tea instead....

I've also recently discovered Nesquik. Its not a new drink, its already really old but I've never drank it before this week and I'd like to say that its REALLY GOOD!! Chocolate milk!! I can't keep my hands off it! They come in little 125ml mini packs and one is just not enough. If you have kids... buy some for them.. I'm sure they'll like it.. if they have it in Strawberry flavour. I'm a fan for sure.. I looooooooooOOOVE strawberry milk.

Anyway, there are times that I'm in the lift and random thoughts run through my head and sometimes it hits me that I have little habits that I'm sure people find annoying like whistling in the lift. When I'm alone in the lift, I always have this urge to whistle a very out of tune *I lightly suspect I'm tone deaf* of Moon River... and I have to do it REALLY loud so that it reverberates throughout the lift and into my ears. Sometimes the lift door opens and I do an immediate silencer on myself and pretend that nothing is happening other than standing there... I'm SURE they would have heard it.. hahahaha

There is this new range of drinks called Anything and Whatever.. one is carbonated and one non-carbonated. They say that there are different flavours and you can surprise yourself when you open the can to a drink of anything (aka they can put whatever shit they want into it)

(break) this post actually took 3 days to complete.. not exactly 3 whole days but I started this on Friday, had to break to do something important and Saturday came... and today is Sunday*

My feet are totally killing me. Someone of my weight should really not stay in heels for more than 5 hours... they almost feel like they're on fire! We just came back from the Surfs Up event.. without any assistants! It almost feels like the old days where only we had to do it alone.. Luckily, my mother in law decided that she would be willing to help out... Thank GOD! Everything went smoothly despite the tight schedule. It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves again and next.. HARRY POTTER!

Ok.. thats it for now.. I'm going to crash... Tata!

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molemole said...

This is seriously a late entry...

Biang you're only 29 zzzzz... South? Yr chest area is bigger than mine.
Any boob job review??? *ME!*