Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Poh Piah!

We made Poh Piah on Sunday! Preparation was easy.. just remember to gather all your ingredients!

Whats in it...

Fresh Poh Piah Skin *Ordered from the wet market - SGD$16 per kg* The lady who sells beansprouts orders it over the phone and it gets delivered fresh 1 hour later! Who knew it was so easy to get them..

Filling - 1 large Shredded Turnip & 1 piece Carrot.
Shredded into a pot, stirred occassionally with low heat till vegetables are soft. Season to taste.

1 bottle and poured as necessary Bhuddha Sweet Sauce (for Poh piah)
1 bowl Chili Sauce

1 head Small lettuce leaves
3 Chopped Boiled Eggs
$.50 cents Cooked Bean Sprouts
1/2 kg Cooked Chopped Prawns
1 pack Cooked Chopped Seafood Crab Stick
1 large piece Chopped Fishcake

1 bowl of the following dry toppings:
Ground Peanut
Hae Bee Hiam
Crispy Bits *Can be purchased with the poh piah skin* Looks like just fried flour bits.
Instead of fresh garlic, we used deep fried garlic bits.
Fried Onions

FYI - 1/2kg of Poh Piah skin is sufficient for a family of 5 with everyone eating around 4-5 rolls each..

Fill your poh piah skin with all the above... roll up as desired and voila!! A lil' bit of heaven in a wrap... *drools*

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