Monday, March 08, 2010

We made Curry Puffs!

My momma in law and I made curry puffs today. My sis in law brought over a recipe for the skins and we set out making them. I forgot to take down her recipe but this recipe I found below is pretty close to what we did so if you wanna try, this should be just about it.

For water dough
200g plain flour
100ml water + 1/4 tsp salt
1 Tbs margarine

For oil dough
100g plain flour
75g margarine

For filling
220g cubed pototoes
100 g diced onions
2 tablespoons curry powder
1 tablespoon fried chili paste
Salt, Sugar, Light Soy sauce, Pepper to taste.

5 eggs, boiled and sliced into 8 slices.

We made 2 separate bowls for each dough and separated them into equal sized balls. We then boiled the potatoes, peeled and diced them. I fried the potatoes with all the dried spices in a little oil and left the mixture to cool.

We boiled the eggs and sliced them into 8 pcs per egg. When the potatoes were cool, we rolled out the dough balls onto sheets of plastic so it was easier to pick up and peel off instead of sticking to the table.

Rolled out the water dough first, then oil dough into circles. Put the somewhat circular flat oil dough layer ON TOP of the water dough, used an average sized rice bowl and used it as a mold cutter for a round shape. Why do you need 2 different doughs you might ask..well what we could observe was that the oil dough kept the filling moist and chewy inside and the water dough was what made the puff crispy....

If you have a big round cookie cutter, it would work too. Fill the dough combo with a teaspoon of potato mixture and add a slice of egg, fold over the dough in half and pinch together to seal.

Wrap the "prepared puff" with the plastic wrap and use a fork and press down on top of the plastic to seal the openings on the dough inside it to give it a patterned crust. Unwrap the plastic and set aside and continue.

If necessary to label the puffs, you can use red food colouring and mark it. When done, deep fry till golden brown & VOILA!! Curry Puffs!! *Yums!!* Good Luck! Oh and no.. this is hardly carb friendly for those running a low carb regime.. its all flour and potatoes.. :) But Oh hey.. it was gooood... :)


Jennifer said...


Nice curry puff!
Any particular brand of margarine for your recipe?


Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Jennifer,

Yea! We used Meadow Lea *salted* :)

Hope that helps.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Pamela for the info.