Sunday, April 08, 2007

Even more random thoughts...

Have you ever felt lost and feeling afraid? What did you do? How did you snap out of it?

I'm sure not feeling unloved. I feel love all around, even when CJ's feeling grumpy.

Lost as in you're not sure what you're really doing, whether you're doing the right things and going down the right path?

And if I am in the right path, why is it so hard? I know its said that the road to success is a narrow and bumpy road. I cannot expect it to blossom overnight, but I sure as hell want to be travelling with a mission, a purpose and with money in my pockets.

I don't want us to owe money, don't want debts. They just tie you down and make you feel like crap.

If only, if only I can find that step against this mountain to take a step up, then we would be on our way to achieving what we desire and improving our way of life.

I want so many things.. but everything needs money... eventually, even fresh air and sunshine will need money.. I'm sure... what then?

People say, live your dream and money will come. When work is not like work and is your life, then you can live your passion and everything will fall into place.

One part of me says, YES! THATS SO TRUE! and the other part of me that feels like crap says like how Jim Carrey in the mask would say, "Reheeeheeeaallly?"

I can safely say that I'm doing what I've always wanted. I can feel that its going to go somewhere big. Just that I need a bigger pair of spectacles to give me a clearer looks at my VISION. I need a sharper vision of what I want to be happening. I really need to sit down and think about this without running my nose into the ground worrying about money all the time.

I'm sure I don't have it as bad as CJ does. He does the big thinking of how the company is going and is doing a wonderful job of being a head honcho. For me, I'm more executive than anything.. I know how I like things to be and do it that way but have a hard time pulling all the important stuff together. I'm trying to learn and say.. baby steps..

Just that I need that baby to run a little faster...

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