Sunday, April 08, 2007

More random thoughts

Here I go again... ranting somemore before I try to drift off to sleep. Somehow, sleeping doesn't seem as pleasurable as before. I used to LOVE to sleep and find the utmost satisfaction from sleeping a long time if possible.. these days. Sleep is just over rated. I still sleep and find it hard to wake up all the time but its just not as good anymore. That just sucks.

Work has been busy.. in a sense.. new potential projects coming up and current movie events to work on. Its been a little hectic as we hope to grow the business.. I just can't help but feel disappointed that some really hopeful deals didn't go though for some reason. Just gotta move on and work towards finding more deals. Running your own kinda makes u even more a cynic than ever. You look at people through the slits of your eyes while your mouth is smiling. Deceptive? Yes... you do a double take and start suspecting their motives.. rare are the people who do not have a motive and are truely genuine in their dealings. No wonder it seems that businessmen are rarely seen smiling alot. Dog eat Dog is so true..

I suspended my gym membership last month for a period of 3 months to resume in June. I haven't been exercising since then and neither have I been on my atkins diet but u know what? I haven't gained the weight I lost. I still remain at 5kg down but I haven't lost further. In a way, I take that as a consolation that the diet is truely amazing and if I can work towards dropping another 5kg at one shot and maintain that, it may seem like a plan.

I wanted to note down of somthing that was a motivational factor to me some time ago. If u have been following my blog, you would have known that I wrote about a local designer named Hayden who owns a really chic boutique over at Club Street. We've been in contact and talking over email from time to time. He was fully agreeable to support my weight loss plan this year and I mentioned that I would like to work on a "reveal" at the end of the year to highlight the success of the diet and exercise plan for this year.

He agreed with much delight that he would design and make a dress. JUST FOR ME. In honour of my reveal and to motivate me on to achieving my goal.. what a darling he really is.

We ran some ideas of what I would like and I mentioned that I would like it red and floral but classy.. in the design of his scarf dresses that I love so much but with a drop V string back and possibly some embroidery... he said he would be trying out on the V back part as he needs to "balance the fabric". Really, I don't know what that means but heck, he would.

I'm looking forward to seeing the design at the end of the year.. I'm sure it would look so fabulous.. now all I have to do now is work on the body.. It cant be that hard.. can it? ...

In a way, I feel that I'm blessed with these kinds of stuff that happens which other people would think that it was really wonderful to happen.. yea.. I'm pleasantly bubbling with pleasure about that...

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