Saturday, April 07, 2007

Random Thoughts...

Its been a while since I've been back at this page. I've been putting it off for a while while thinking, yea.. I'll get to it.. just that I haven't been up to writing much. I've been following blogs of my friends.. glad to know that some things are falling into place for some of them.. comforted to know that their blogs are still a way for me to know what they have been up to without their explicit connection of calling or seeing each other.

I'm feeling lost.. and I hate the feeling. Many times, I think I know what I'm set out to do, I get all charged up and raring to go and along the way pull some of my friends up with as much encouragement as I can.. I want to see everyone I care for grow too.. but right now. I'm just.

feeling. down. I'm not quite sure if this is a phase.. which I really hope it is because I need something to perk me up soon. I'm not sure if its fatigue.. I don't feel THAT tired.. I'm not sure if its because I'm not feeling too well. I'm pretty sure that I'm feeling crappy because I'm currently not in a state of peak financial health.. its all just. CRAP. sigh.

Eirian was diagnosed last Monday with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.. a temporary condition that affects young children that has symptoms of high fever, raised rash n spots and worse... really huge ass fucking gigantic mouth ulcers.. sigh.. poor baby.. she spent the week with us at the studio so that she could rest, we could monitor her and we could keep her away from Lauren.. so spent the first half of the week crying day and night and it took alot from both CJ and I not to feel like giving her a spanking or scolding her for crying so much.

It wasn't her fault.. she felt like shit. Her mouth was FULL OF ULCERS. It hurt me just to see her wail.. Well the week past, she's been sleeping with us for the whole week already... the king sized bed isn't enough for 3. Much less 3 of our kind.. aka really big people kind.

Its Saturday evening now and she's feeling a whole lot better. One last ulcer to go, she's eating again, drinking well too and annoying us to no end.. the rashes are drying up too.. now what I have to look forward to is the 1/4 bleach and 3/4 water solution that I have to make up to wipe down and wash ALL HER TOYS.

That my friends, is no fucking joke. Considering the large amount of nick nacks they have in their room. Urgh. Great. Just great...

It didn't help either that CJ was feeling crappy the whole week too. It was a VERY unproductive week for us with so many of us down like this.. It peaked for him last night where he literally spent the whole night hacking his lungs out till he lost his voice. He woke me up this morning with sign language and off we went to the doctors. AGAIN... and guess what.. he's got laryngitis.

I've been packing him with medicine for the whole day on a 4 hour schedule and he seems better.. the voice is back and the cough is relatively minimal. Not bad for about $50 bucks worth of medicine.. at least it works..

With Friday being Good Friday, my MIL packed Lauren off to my sister in law's place to spend the weekend. Thank god for that so that she doesn't get affected by all the germs and crap thats floating about the house these few days.. I'm crossing my fingers that she will remain perfectly well as I know I'm going to break down and cry really loud if she does.. Lauren has a case of getting fits when she gets a high fever.. couple this with the 2 that are lying snoring next to me now. I'm going to go crazy. So fingers and toes crossed. Please God. Keep Lauren safe and well.

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