Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why? Why? Tell me why?

Why is it that sometimes, even the simplest things can make you almost dumbfounded? And why is it always stuff that a child asks me? You would think that as an adult, you would have most of the answers.. so here goes on stuff that really makes me go... DUH.

Pam: "La la lalala, **singing** where is thumbkin, where is thumbkin, here I am! Here I am... lalalalala..." (raising her thumb and waving it about)...

Eirian... singing along and doing the actions and... here comes Lauren.

Lauren: "stop! I have a question."

Everyone stops singing and looks at Lauren... "yes?"

Lauren: "If this is thumbkin (showing her thumb), this is pointer (showing her 2nd finger), this is tall man, this is ring man and this is pinkie..."

Lauren: (Points to her toes) "...and this is Big Toe... (points to her last toe) ... and this is Small Toe... (points to 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Toe)... what are these 3 called?"

Pam: ........ (scratch head)...

How ah? *Good God, give me the answers to questions like this... I can't be that DUHH....How?*

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