Friday, February 26, 2010

Apricot by Ben Briand - A Must Watch Short Film

My sister Alex linked this video up on Facebook and I thought it was pretty amazing. I have to share it here too. I love the cinematography, I love the acting. Theres something in his eyes that makes me feel some pain... I love how natural it seemed and how while I was watching, it made my heart beat that little bit faster... such a simple but touching storyline, I was enthralled... I was engaged like I was in the moment with them... I was thrilled.. maybe you will be too.. spend 10 minutes here.. and tell me what you think... I loved it... for this director, if he directs more. I will make it a point to watch his work.

Great eye.. highly impressive visual work and perception... this is a must watch.

More of Ben Briand can be found HERE.

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