Sunday, February 28, 2010

What Do You Think is Going On?!

Over the past couple of weeks since the start of Chinese New Year, I've been under attack. Literally. BUGS!! Viral Bugs!!

First it was a persistent hacking cough that was so bad it made me hack till I cried, the force of the hacks broke the blood vessels in my face so my face was spotty for awhile and I spat blood.. and I literally peed in my pants from the lack of urinary control due to the force of the hacking... *sighs* I had to cancel classes and meetings for more than half a week to recover from that...

Then last week, I fell into some kind of cold not cold, flu not flu bug.. I spent a good part of the day sneezing my head off, head was cottony, ran a fever and body was aching. Spent 2 days in bed with my laptop, bottle of water, flu & cold caplets and some candy... no classes cancellation necessary. Thank God.

Then today, I woke up and looked into my throat and saw my already usually enlarged Tonsils covered in a crazy amount of white specs. Immediately I knew, Oh Damn it!! Its either going to be a major case of strep throat or Tonsilitis.. either way, I USUALLY break out in a majorly high fever that would hit like 41.5 deg. and would be down for at least a week. And on a plus side usually lose 3-4kg...

BUT strange thing is.. other than having a little tenderness while swallowing...and that it was bleeding this afternoon... I can feel the swell and my throat looking like mangled roadkill... its strange that I'm otherwise feeling alright. No fever.. -strange again.. I almost ALWAYS have a fever when this breaks out. Body feeling tired.. but not strange there.. no other symptoms so we're just monitoring the situation.. I'm really hating all this half fucked kind of bugs that are getting me week on week. Its constantly breaking my carb cycle because I eat normally when I'm ill so I recover faster..

I just want one major bug to hit, throw me down for a week and then give me weeks and months of smooth sailing health and vitality.. Dear God.. can I just have that instead of these small annoying spurts? Thank you.. :( Are you up there?

UPDATE: I'm now supplemented with Colostrum from Dr. Ong.. wonderful to have a personal friend who is a Doctor huh... looking to clearing up this bug and whatever else is in me asap.. been procrastinating on getting it even though I know it really works.. looking forward to feeling a hell of alot better and getting back to my jogging and new choreography for new dance classes!


Dr. Kevin Ong said...

Pamela, it's all linked, you know.

Firstly, you have to understand 3 things:

1. Fitness does not equate to health. Remember the almost monthly spate of young people who collapsed while exercising? Intensive exercise actually depresses your immune system, leaving it wide open to infections.

2. Secondly, you are what you eat. All the starch and refined sugars and high fructose corn syrup also depresses your immune system.

3. Thirdly, NZ premium colostrum is the only source of active/live antibodies that helps to protect against a host of viruses, bacteria and parasites. You yourself know the power of colostrum: and

The fact is, that's why you're falling sick so frequently, and all the antihistamines and antibiotics in the world aren't going to do a thing, unless you change some behaviours.

Best regards,

Dr. Kevin Ong said...

Even the IOC (International Olympic Committee) says Colostrum has a beneficial effect on sports performance:

And check this out: Some athletes have used colostrum in an attempt to improve their performance, decrease recovery time, and prevent sickness during peak performance levels.

Using colostrum supplementation, the Australian Olympic swim team won more gold medals than China in the 2000 and 2004 Olympic games. [Wikipedia]

Here are more resources for you: