Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reunion Lunch & First Day Visiting

Chinese New Year this year ran as planned. Reunion Lunch which starts its preparation at 5am in the morning and by late afternoon, we're done eating, rolling about full and playing mahjong.

Some snaps taken from reunion lunch of the typical dishes that we have year after year. And we had steamboat too..

Meats, Vegetables, Fish... they were all good.

And then we have the usual first day visitation where we hit my side of the family at my aunt's house where everyone gathers. I took this shot of Eirian while we were waiting for CJ to drive his sister's car down for the day... so sweet!!

I love my girls much much! They're growing up soooo fast. Oh my baby.. you're a big girl now.

And we look forward to 2 things during Chinese New Year gatherings each year.. 1. Deep Fried Yam Nian Gao cakes.. and 2. Crabmeat & Bamboo shoot ball soup.

Its a must and it only comes out during Chinese New Year for our family.

And the Dowager of the Family.. my grandmother... with me, the eldest grandchild on the TOH side of the family. Yeah.. my maiden name is Toh.

And a group shot with all my cousins.. they're all so big now. Both my sisters are around this Chinese New Year too! And imagine this.. I'm the eldest amongst everyone here... gosh.. I'm getting waaay old that I even contributed 2 more children to this picture! My own! Hahaha!

And a final picture for the day, I didn't take much once I left my aunt's house as we headed to 2 other houses on CJ's side of the family and had dinner at Pizza Hut later that evening.

A picture thats not easy to get. Me with my 2 sisters that I love dearly. The baby amongst us, Alexandra in white on my right and Jacqueline in red on my left. Jackie flew in from the Philippines where she stays with my mom and finally made it for Chinese New Year celebrations after so many years.. so this picture is indeed precious. Love you both. *hearts*

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