Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Blankanvas 3rd Birthday Blog Bash

It was Pat Law's Blankanva's *her blog* 3rd Birthday and being the prolific digital strategist she is, what better way than to throw a bash for a by invitation only blogger & sponsor client night over at Overeasy at Fullerton. Picture above with Nadia and Tania.

I love how Pat amusingly introduced me to the peeps there too.. "hey guys! This is honeymeow! The mom who doesn't look like a mom!".....Uh huh... *nods, smiles & blushes* Awwwww.....

Drinks *Tiger Beer/Vodka/Moet & Chandon & Juice*
were fully and generously sponsored by each respective client together with a lovely mini spread of pasta, mini burgers, veggie cups and baked cod by Overeasy. And also not forgetting the lovely little goodybag which included a bar of chocolate *loves!* with some other little treats.

And Nike sponsored some of the lucky draw prizes too! No, I didn't win. *pouts* BUT OMG.. Hey Pat.. Nike!! I would LOOOOVE Nike sponsorship as a aerobic instructor! I'd wear Nike to ALL my dance classes when I instruct *not that I don't already - Love the fit!* and I'd wear Nike swimwear for my Aqua Classes (would be a little tricky to be jumping around in a bikini though...) ... but point to ponder.. help me raise a suggestion for this? If Nike is running out a blogger initiative this year... PLEASE include me too!!.... *shameless self-plug* Hahaha! of the fun little treats also included a $40 voucher that is redeemable at Overeasy @ Fullerton. As I don't drink or won't be going there again anytime soon, I am opening this voucher up for a give-away for someone who wants it and emails me to tell me what they think about my blog and what they would like to see more of.

You can email me at and I will post the selected winner the $40 voucher by snailmail so don't forget to include your mailing details and contact number please.

And whats a blogger event if there aren't TONS of camwhoring.. out came all our personal cameras to snap, snap snap... ah.. get the right profile, stretch arm, hold camera to face and ahh..perfect distance for a portrait shot.. smile!! Me and Tania making full use of the stretch of time while people stream in for the party.

And of course the night was very humourously hosted by Joe Augustin. Please check out his podcast over at Morning Jam. And taking a picture with my 2 favourite Deejays... my girl Pree aka Jane Doe from 91.3FM.. check her out!! And the ever amusing, Joe A. :)

Thanks for the invitation Pat! And it was nice meeting up with the rest of the bloggers, along with my blogger pals & rest of the PR team from the blogger SOYJOY competition held last year. Looking forward to more interesting up & coming blog competitions and blogger initiatives in the pipeline! :) *winks*


Pat said...

Hey Pamela,

Was really really great to see you! And ya wat, you're the mother that doesn't look like a mother! Heh.

The next time I'm over at Nike for their sample sale, Imma make sure I grab something for you ok?


Aka Pamela S. said...

OMG!! Yes please! Anything in a size 12-14 please!!!