Monday, January 10, 2011

Fresh Instructors! Oven Fresh again!

Every 3-6 months, a new batch of freshly trained Group Aerobic Instructors at FISAF emerges and that also means that I would be lecturing and in training again over a couple of days to assist those in the core course and those taking the group aerobic course...

Above is the latest group of instructors who took the latest Group Aerobic Instructor course in December 2010. And below is the latest group of those who took the Core course. Both groups, I had the pleasure of running through a full dance class to get them all hot & sweaty... and also sharing my personal experiences with them in hope that they go out there, passion in heart to give their best to their students and clients.

So once again.. new blood into the fitness industry.. take a look at these faces that are all keen to inspire people to wellness & an active lifestyle.. you may see them soon at a fitness facility/club/office near you soon! :)

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