Monday, January 10, 2011

Verlaque Splash & So!Go White Chocolate Sauce

I have had the pleasure from time to time to have generous sponsor partners that appropriately offer me products and services that suite my lifestyle and needs. In December, some packages were delivered for me and I discovered several bottles of different flavored Verlaque splashes. What are splashes? Well, they're gourmet mixtures of Olive oil with various mixes of fruits or flavour dense ingredients for cooking, marinating or eating with salad or fruits. Check out the product range here at the Verlaque website.

With the onset of my low carb regime last month, these came at a perfect time as these splashes were extremely delicious with our salad mixes at home. There were more flavors received but by the time we wacked through the various bottles, I realised that I only had these 3 flavors left to take pictures of! Hahaa! We loved it so much mixed with a sprinkle of good quality Balsamic vinegar on our salads, we literally went through 2-3 bottles in a week with much gusto and satisfaction.

You can check out the rest of these splashes over at the Verlaque website and purchase your selection at NTUC Finest at SGD$13.90 per bottle. Each Splash bottle has enough for a family of 5-6 adults eating 2 large servings of salad. Available in Gooseberry, Raspberry and Cranberry mixes.

We went through so many different types of salad mixes but for this food shot, it was one of the salads that we mixed up at home one evening last week and topped with the Gooseberry splash. As usual, it was delicious! Flavors were intense and the lemon/balsamic vinegar mixture gave a tart but mouthwatering experience.

Even the "I.Only.Eat.Meat" hubby has been requesting for Salads again and again. Very rare request! Before you splash on the mixture, you have to ensure that you shake the bottle before pouring to ensure you have all the mixture in your salad as they separate into layers within the bottle when stored and not in use. Pour just enough to cover your vegetables - possibly equivalent to around 4-5 tablespoons in volume.

In our house, we have many variations of our salad mixes. From various sliced or diced vegetables such as iceberg lettuce, carrots, green & red peppers, tomatoes, peas, broccoli, fresh red onions *sliced thinly* as seen above to adding others like snowpeas, fresh mushrooms, cucumber, celery... practically any vegetable you like would work but above are our usual mixes.

We top our salads with variations of available fruits too like pears, apples, oranges, grapes, melons, berries, cranberries and raisins. We sprinkle handfuls of cashew nuts or any available nut mixture. We usually also have some hard boiled eggs that are sliced plus a choice between having cubes/slices of cheddar cheese or a block of creamy Brie cheese. If you haven't tried Brie cheese and you love cheese. Try it.. I heart! heart! heart! Brie cheese with its delicate flavour mixed with a gooey soft inner layer. A slab of Brie cheese and a glass of wine on an evening in at home and I'm one happy happy chicka...

Finally, we always top it with a meat of sorts. Whether its grilled sausages, grilled beef slices, roasted chicken, Teriyaki Wings *as above*, pork ribs, hotdogs, crispy fried luncheon meat or canned tuna. And that completes a very satisfying meal for the day. Heavy in flavor, Big in quantity and overall very Satisfying with the best part that we eat so much and we lose weight while at it! :)

I'm a splash fan for sure, you might want to check it out if you were thinking of something great to eat this coming week. NTUC Finest!!

And another product from the same sponsor partner was this bottle called So!Go White Chocolate Sauce. Most of my dance students would have received a bottle of this in December before Christmas. Its sinfully decadent and completely delicious in any way possible. If you are currently attending my classes and haven't gotten a bottle of this, I still have 6 bottles left so if you want one - let me know this week and I'll bring it to the next class for you! While stocks last.

As quoted from their website:

"Full-bodied, rich, decadent and simply irresistible, So!Go White Chocolate Sauce is a sweet staple: pour it onto pancakes, spread it over cupcakes, drizzle it around desserts, make mousses a masterpiece … or succumb to temptation and simply spoon it out of the jar.

Because we all prefer taking the easy way, if you'd like to serve it warm just heat it in the attractive, wide-mouthed, frosted-glass jar and dip chilled seasonal fruit into it to serve as an instant and wholesome dessert."

And spoon it out of the jar was exactly what everyone in my house did. We spent many evenings in front of the tv licking spoons covered with white chocolate sauce. We drizzled it over ice-cream.. spooned it into cups of hot milo and hot tea and coffee.. and dipped fruits into it like fondue.. and my girls spread it on bread and pancakes too... sinful but oh so yummy!

One of the best things that came out of spreading the joy of chocolate sauce out to my friends and students were that a box came back to me of homemade cupcakes made with a mixture of the white chocolate sauce with cream topping! It was crazy yummy!!

So!Go White Chocolate sauce is retailing at SGD$13.20 per jar and is available at NTUC Finest, Isetan Supermarket, Meidi-ya Supermarket, Meat The Butcher and Swiss Butchery at Tanglin.

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