Sunday, January 02, 2011

Carb Lovin' Cupcakes

My girlfriend aka SuperWoman Group X "Chili Padi" Sexy butt Sherlin Foong made me cupcakes! Its these little things that are just sincerely made from the heart that really touches me specially when they're specifically created JUST for me!! *loves!!* I call her superwoman because she can go on teaching up to 24 classes in a week and still come out alive the week after and she was the one who corrected my squats for that "oh so sexy" butt that squats give you. I'm currently at 13 classes and I'm trying hard to manage my energy levels.

Who is Sherlin? Well if you work out at Fitness First - you would definitely know who she is. :)

It doesn't help that my weight is dropping and with that goes muscle loss which I'm not actively building up. CJ has been chasing me up everyday to do my resistance band exercises but I'm just so worn and lazy to get it done. I must. I must. And I will...erm... soon. (Big smile to CJ - really lah! I will). Less muscle = Less strength = Less calories burnt optimally = Higher chance of overcompensation on my body = Higher chance of stress injury = Not good for anyone.

Even though I'm carb free right now, it didn't stop me from trotting these little yummies home to pass them to my girls but not without swiping off a thick layer of white chocolate cream off one of the cupcakes first! Verdict! Very tasty!! Thank you babe!! It was much appreciated. :)

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