Thursday, May 11, 2006

100 Things About Me

Before you start reading this.. smile like this first!

1 Birthdate?
2nd July... *ahem* I'd like Robinsons Vouchers please. heheh.

2 Place of birth?
Singapore in a little clinic in Serangoon Gardens. Its still there man!

3 Blood type?

4 Height?
Too short. 16*cm. No prizes for guessing the last number.

5 Weight?
Too heavy. I'd like to be 55kg again someday so I can grab that delish halter top and hippy jeans that I've been eyeing but never available in my size now.

6 Shoe size?
Size 9. And yes, big feet. I know.

7 Work? Study?
Yes, all the time. From 10 hours at the office during the day. To 14 hours at home at night. Well there goes my 24 hours!

Study? Yes, I have been a student for the past 2 years and graduating next month! Finally! Its been a long long ardous journey. Anyone want to sponsor me for my RMIT Bachelor in Advertising(Creative)? hehehe I only need 1 more year..

8 Childhood nickname?
Pammy. Gemma. Pam. Pamayla. Permerler. *I don't get why its so difficult to pronounce my name??!*

9 Average hours you sleep in a day?
I would LOOOVE 12 hours. But unfortunately I only get around 7 hours if I'm lucky. Gone were the days, I'd wake up just to get ready to spend the day sleeping. Sigh.. i kinda miss that. Eyebags, headaches are just my body telling me its a long over due idea.

10 Time you go to bed?
Around 1am usually? But my eyes go rolling back into my head by 1130 usually so its usually forced to stay open.

11 Any siblings?
Yep! 2 Babelicious younger sisters.. are they hot? Hell yea! But no, I will not give u their number. hahahahhaa

12 Eyesight
It was perfect till recently its blurring a little.. might be age or just staring at the damn computer screen for at least 10 hours a day.

13 What languages do you speak?
English. English and more english.

14 What languages would you like to speak?
I would like to curse in spanish or mexican. Maybe I can get my relatives to teach me! But maybe portuguese would be nice.

15 Nickname on Messenger?
honeymeow of course!

16 What do you collect?
Colourful rubber balls. *The type that you pay 20 cents to turn for at a gumball type of machine* I have hundreds...

or maybe I collect dust. Might explain the darkening skin.

17 Model of handphone you are using?
Samsung X640C - not recommended. It clipped my hand so many times already and doesn't save sms when u accidentally press cancel or pick a call midway typing.

18 What is on your shopping list?
New Jeans. New Heels. New set of makeup. Coloured Hazel contact lenses. New Black mini tees. A wire mesh white gold ring. More lingerie. Crystal hairclips.... there are more I'm sure...

19 Favourite t-shirt brand?
I like classic tees from Marks & Spencer.

20 Favourite cut of jeans?
Bootcut always. Balances out my fat arse and lengthens my legs.

21 Favourite fashion designer?
Marks & Spencer Designer team.

22 Favourite clothing label?
Marks & Spencer.

23 Favourite shoe label?
Don't have one. Whatever fits me well and makes me look good.

24 Favourite bag label?
If I had a choice, LV then Gucci then JPG and then generic brands which I just like for the style.

25 Most dominant colour in your wardrobe?

26 Most worn-pair of shoes?
My blue nike runners. Had them for years now.

27 Favourite shampoo?
Herbal Essences, Hot Oil Treatment.

28 Favourite conditioner?
Herbal Essences, Hot Oil Treatment.

29 Favourite bath product?
Loofah and body wash with lotion.

30 Favourite facial product?
Bodyshop Green Tea Scrub. *smells like crap but works so well*

31 Favourite cosmetics?
Maybelline. High-end cosmetics are just too expensive.

32 Favourite art movement?
Victorian. The women in the paintings then were real. At least if I were alive then, I would be considered beautiful. Long straight hair, waify body, tight hips and cup B tits are just not my cup of tea.

33 Favourite artist?
Myself. I look back on my sketches more than I look back on any other artist painting or drawing.

34 Favourite gallery?
Have never really explored galleries before. Our local gallery was intruiging then.. it might be interesting to go again sometime soon just for a breather.

35 Favourite cold drink?
Pokka Green Tea or Iced Lemon Tea or Milkshake!

36 Favourite hot drink?
Milo with whipped cream and more milo powder!

37 Favourite flavour of ice-cream?
Anything chocolate with alot of nuts.

38 Favourite cuisine?
Italian for their Pastas and Chinese for their stirfry with rice.

39 Favourite sandwich?
Grilled Cheese.

40 Favourite cake?
Cheesecake with any type of fruit. *the more dense the better* No fluffy sponge japanese cheesecake for me please*

41 Favourite chocolate?
After8. Chocolate Mint Thins....

42 Favourite fast food?
French Fries with a mix of part tartar sauce, chili sauce, bbq sauce and alot of black pepper. I like Carls Jr.

43 Favourite sushi?
California Maki and that sushi roll with those tiny red eggs.

44 Favourite breakfast?
American. Eggs, Bacon, Ham, Sausages with Toast. Prefereably some cream of mushroom soup. A giant glass of orange juice and a coffee.

45 Spaghetti – tomato, cream or pesto sauce?
Both! I love spaghetti!

46 Beef – rare, medium rare, medium, well-done?
Medium. I don't eat raw food but I don't eat rubber either.

47 Restaurant you frequent most?
MacDonalds count? I don't eat out much. Its waay too expensive. But I like Pow Sing Nonya Restaurant. Tender chicken, alot of rice *as you can see I love rice* , burning hot sambal kangkong and crispy tangy baby squid. Garlic sauce with Samsui Chicken can't be beat at the Soup Restaurant though.. *slurp*

48 Best dining experience?
The alternate company wasn't great. But CJ and I went to Mezza9 at Hyatt for Sunday Brunch once before.. it was an unforgettable experience with the stirfry prawns, chocolate fountain, endless juices, cross continental buffet... everything that I loved was on a free flow... and back then.. all for just $75+++. I'd like to go back sometime.

49 Worst dining experience?
Dining on Onions and Egg. Not Eggs Onions Omelette bc we were broke and left with 3 onions and 1 egg left. So Onions and egg it was. -.-

50 Favourite book?
For romance, it was called Green Eyes. For novels, it was Needless Things by Stephen King.

51 Favourite movie?
Don't have one that has the biggest impact but recently I watched Big Fish and thought it was a perfectly whimsical and touching story. Anything that can make me cry because it touches me to the heart always scores in my book.

52 Favourite artist writer?
I used to think tha Enid Blyton was the best in the whole wide world. For a young girl. I went on to Stephen King and constantly bought book after book of his novels. I haven't sat down to read a novel recently... maybe I should.

53 Favourite actor?
Steven Segal.. Antonio Banderas...

54 Favourite actress?
Catherine Zeta Jones.. She's perfectly classic. Love her style.

55 Favourite record?
Song? I like Somebody by Depeche Mode. Its been a while since I've heard that song.

56 Favourite singer?
Commercial Singer? Don't know. Don't really have a favourite. I listen to a song by any artist and if I like it, I'll play it over and over and over again till I get sick of it and move on.

57 Favourite band?
Savage Garden... I like their stuff.

58 Favourite lyrics?
"Like the wind in the willows... every little step, an angel makes...." I know the rest.. and you won't know what comes after but I do.. its my song. Only the person who composed it knows the complete song.

59 Favourite TV show?
Never had one too but I like reality shows. Amazing race sends me to places that I'd love to visit but haven't had the chance to go.

60 Favourite newspapers?
I like the Straits Times if I had to read a newspaper. Content wise, its extremely informative.

61 Favourite magazine?
Her World is great! I've won several contests throught magazine competitions. Little things but they're still fun to win.

62 Favourite flower?
Big Red Roses.

63 Favourite animal?

64 Favourite country?
Don't have a favourite country.. each place I visit has a special memory...

65 Favourite street (in your country)?
Street? hahaha any street that has allowed me access to good food.

66 Favourite street (overseas)?
Don't have one. I hardly recall road names anyway.

67 Favourite sport?
Martial Arts. I love watching a fight match.

68 Scariest movie?
Final Destination 1 & 2 makes me cringe.

69 Funniest movie?
Don't recall a specifically funny comedy that sticks to my mind.

70 Favourite leisure activity?

71 Favourite public transport?
Favourite Public Transport?! The person who came up with this list must be warped.

Well ok, an nearly empty mrt train where the cool air flows and is without sweat and body smells is pleasant.

72 Favourite weather?
Rain on an early sunday morning where I don't have to wake up early or rush everyone out of the house by 8am.

73 Dream honeymoon destination?
Walking through Europe bundled up in a flattering black overcoat and looking forward to a lovely dinner with a nice breathtaking view.

74 Computer you use?
Toshiba Satellite Laptop

75 Wallpaper on your computer?
A sleeping cat

76 Screen saver on your computer?
Bouncing text. Pam @ Work

77 How many hours on the internet a day?
At least 10 hours.

78 Favourite blog?
Whoever interests me at that point in time. I do follow several popular ones but everyone knows who they are. No need to list them down here.

79 Favourite news site?
Channel News Asia.

80 Favourite site?
Moms4Moms. I'm there daily for the past 6 years. I've got to know some great people there and its been a priceless place for parenting info that has brought me into being a mom for the past 6 years.

81 First pet?
Chiku. He was a light brown mongrel who followed me all over the house and even on playdates with my neighbour.

82 Favourite cartoon from childhood?
Smurfs. Gummi Bears. He-Man. Rainbow Brite.

83 Favourite toy from childhood?
Any stuff animal. Used to have a purple mouse but he disappeared one day.

84 What makes you smile?
Another smile. Things that touch me. Strawberry or Avocado milkshakes.

85 What makes you cry?
Pain and people who are plain nasty to me. Sad movies too...can't resist them.

86 Which celebrity would you like to be?
Catherine Zeta Jones but without the husband please.

87 What colour would you be if you are a crayon?
I don't want to be a crayon! But if forced to be one by some wicked witch of the east then I'd like to be the red one.

88 If you can go back in time, which period would you want to be in?
I won't want to go back unless I still could retain the knowledge that I have now. I'd score fantastically for my O levels, move to a bridging program that would leave me to a direct marketing degree and instead of just completing my studies at this age. I would have taken my masters in marketing and worked on being a industry phenomenon.

89 If you can have your own business, what would you venture into?
I DO have my own business. But I would like to grow it into a most fantastic marketing & events agency in time to come.

90 What TV program would you like to go on?
Amazing Race.

91 How satisfied are you with your current situation?
On a scale of 1 to 10. I'd be zero financially. 8 in my own family. 4 in personal. 4 in friends. 5 in relative relations.

92 What would you rather be doing if you have a choice?
Doing make work not seem like work and do what I like and still be able to earn money. Or I'd like to host a food tasting show that goes all around the world.

93 The most important thing that has happened in your life?
Become a mom.

94 What do you think you’ll be doing 5 years down the road?
Still proscratinating about my weight.

95 Most desired now?
Waking up to a morning where I can say we're debt free, children are studying well at school, I'm healthy and will be going to a 4 hour full body spa later in the early afternoon and then a dinner buffet at a hotel.

96 Biggest worry now?
Money and my girls.

97 Most unforgettable incident?
Giving Birth. I may forget alot of things but going into labour and pushing out 2 giant donkeys out of my body is something that I will never forget.

98 New year resolution?
Love myself more.

99 Your motto in life?
Love like you've never been hurt before, work like you don't need the money, Laugh till your stomach aches and Dance like no one is looking.

100 Who do you want to answer “100 Things About Me”?
All my friends and family who are reading my 100 Things about me list and email it to me at

I'll be waiting!! Ciao!

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