Friday, May 12, 2006

Baby Girls

Eirian when she was a baby... she's now daddy's little girl but as a baby, she was purely mine.. stuck to the boobs of course.
Now turning 4 this year, she still has that giant smile and cheerful glee but now with a humongous stubborn temper and a small potty mouth!
Lauren was a quiet child. She drank the most milk for any child that I ever knew. A 250ml bottle every 2 hours for the first 2 years of her life. Meaning at least 12 bottles a day and 1 big can of milk every week. It was really expensive!

Lauren now, soon completing preschool and already one of the larger and taller children in her class. Even her school clothes are tailor made. Imagine that! She's entering primary 1 next year and I'm getting the jitters!

Sometime before, I have been asked how many children would I like? I said 2 or 3. But the first 2 had to be girls. Well, I have 2 girls now.. so what now? Stop maybe? Seems like the hubby wants more but do I really?

Sometimes I see little babies on the train that just makes me go awwwww!! I want! but going back to baby stage where there were diapers, endless bottles, a siamesed child to your boobs and leaky breasts is not something that I look foward too.. neither do I look forward to gaining another 20kg per pregnancy.

I already know the figure is shot and it will be a long time coming before I regain the discipline to gain back that svelte trim and fit body I once held.

Many people would say.. go on! You're still young! But see this, when Lauren hits 21. I would only be 43 years old! Thats great ain't it! I still have some way to go before I become a grumpy toothless old witch who can't walk properly. If I have one last one now, I'll be well over 50 and by that time, who knows if the farthest I can walk is my bathroom from the bed?!

2 little girls who are growing up now to be the biggest little hunnybunnies ever to me... sometimes I look at them trying to debate with me on why they should do something and wonder, how in the hell I managed to do make it up to this day... the way they fight is unbelievable.. scratching and biting all the way at full strength.. I guess this is what they call sibling rivalry.... at its worst.

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