Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tomatoes and Broccoli

Tiny little bits of broccoli. Traces of smashed tomatoes... trailing from my main door all the way into my living room. Puzzling don't you think? What could these little tiny green things be? I wondered as we stepped into the house after a long day...

At the end of the coffee table stood 2 little girls. One smirking and one grinning oblivious to whats going to happen next.

CJ roars into the house with a sweeping glance and thunders "why is the house so dirty!!!"

The 2 tiny ones start to shiver.. uh oh... its time for a spanking!

Both of them are handed a cloth and instructed to clean up the mess which is tearfully acknowledged and done as well as they could have for a 3 and 5 year old.

That green thing with smashed tomatoes was actually a bouquet... for me. For mothers day.

My heart winced when my mom recounted how Lauren cheerfully brought it home earlier in the evening. Ingredients. 1 broccoli. 5 cherry tomatoes decorated on top . 2 skewer sticks for me to hold it up, 5 toothpicks to hold the t'matoes in place and yellow clear wrapping paper bound with a rubber band.

It was so sweet and imaginative!! I tried to imagine how it could have looked like before I was left with just the broccoli stump.

My my... my little girl is finally growing up. All too amusing sometimes, maybe a little scary because I'm still learning every single day to be a better mom but I think the ride might be worth it...

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