Thursday, May 04, 2006

Procrastinated. Submitted. Succumbed.

Mind wandering. Procrastinated. Vowed that a blog would fill my already packed schedule and turn me into a full fledged cam-whore. (As if I'm not already...) Thought about it. Read alot of everyone elses... and finally just did it. In hope that I don't get addicted to it... I have a feeling that I might.

Will start my postings with 101 questions and answers about myself. Prolly give more than enough info to anyone who wants to start of knowing who the person behind this...this...
"honeymeow" is..

Well here it is... on the final evening of my husband's grandmother's funeral wake. Theres no better time than now I guess... I'm hoping that from this post on.. thoughts... both good and bad finally get brought to light.. it might make me a happier person. You won't be seeing any political talk.. I don't bother knowing much about it anyway so don't ask... or maybe this would be just for myself.. to straighten my thoughts..

Already, I can see how muddle headed I can be in this first post alone. But thats just me. Sometimes dense... sometimes sharp... mostly sleepy... Not sure if I'm very opinionated but it might just come out and bite me in the behind some posts down...

I don't know. The future seems a little bright in some way and I'll take it one day at a time..

Sounds bimbotic I guess.. but you're gotta start somewhere.. and even if this dies off.. at least I can say I tried.

I'll leave off with... Love like you've never been hurt, Sing like no one's listening, Work like you don't need the money, Laugh till your stomach aches and Dance like no one is looking....

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