Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Horror of Horrors

Ever had the feeling of dread? That precise moment that ur brain screams out "ohmyholyshitdamnwhatthehellhowcouldthishappenomgi'mgoingtodieofembarassment" kind of feeling? well it happened to me this morning.

My mother in law went to Hong Kong with my sister in law and husband over the weekend. So we had the house to ourselves. Naturally, privacy and all.. being fully clothed was not an issue when we're all alone right? ....

So came this morning. I woke up dreamily thinking.. another day, must get up and going. Alot to do... Stood up groggily and slothed my way to the bathroom... passing by the room door only to blink lazily across the hall and saw. A foot.

The foot of my mother in law SLEEPING ON HER BED. I blinked and blinked again.

And wanted to get swallowed up by the ground. She must have returned early in the morning on an early flight. Came home in the darkness and MUST have checked out all the rooms to see that everyone is in bed sleeping.

Yes. I was sleeping.


*oh god. kill me now... I sat at the table this morning buttering my bread. Not even thinking of looking her straight in the eye... horrors of all horrors... I've been spotted sleeping in my birthday suit. *faint*

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