Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Dance Class & Potluck!

Its been more than 9 months that I've been with my RTC Danza class and we've seen a whole group of regulars, many people who have come in and out through our doors taking single classes and several guest instructors gracing our classes with their sharing... last Saturday, 18th Dec. marked the last Saturday class for 2010 and we had our Christmas themed class where most came either in Red or Green. Everyone brought a dish for the potluck and a gift for a gift exchange!

Above picture from Left to Right with many people missing in the shot (either came late, couldn't make it that day or was just loitering outside before our class started).

Me, Patricia, Ee San, Angie, Judy, May, Meng Jee, Angie, Pek Gan, Terence, (Sorry but I forgot her name - will check it out n update), Terence's Gf, Margaret, Christine, Shirley and Selina.

It has been an absolute pleasure to have seen everyone week on week and dancing with all of you.. Merry Christmas all! See everyone again in January!!

Terence charted our dance class burn with his polar and we clocked in at 900+ calories burnt for my 60 minute dance class! Whooot!! Worked hard so that we could all Eat hard too!!
Picture below.. our table overflowing with food, not seen in pictures, cookies, the 2 gorgeous log cakes, the chendol agar agar and the cups of deliciously sinful Pinnacotta desserts...

What else was brought? Fried bee hoon, Mini baos, Satay with the works, Various Mini Steamed Kueys, Shepards Pie, Ham and Egg Salad, Carrot Cake, Fishballs, Cuttlefish balls, Crab claw nuggets, Spring Rolls, Fresh Salad, Stuffed Roasted Chicken, Mini Fried Chicken Wings and Home-made Scottish Shortbread... *slurps*....everything topped up with a gorgeous pile of presents for the Gift Exchange.. and guess what I received? A weighing scale... Wahahahah! *Good timing since my scale at home had decided to go bonkers on me... * Thank you all again!!!


Arkerchi said...

hi... is that red blouse the one that I made?

Aka Pamela S. said...

Yes my dear... everyone loves it... time to make another one perhaps? Want to try a newer smaller strappier design?

Arkerchi said...

:) I am surprised that this little red piece can hold on for so long. Hmm... like you say, time to look into another one ... a sexier one, perhaps?

Aka Pamela S. said...

Yeah! Want to try another style? I send u some image references and you choose material and let me know how much you want for it? I transfer you $30 like before, would that be enough?

Arkerchi said...

Send me the pics... Let me digest over it first. Don't transfer any money over yet (in case I can't fulfill your wish)