Saturday, December 04, 2010

Crispy Fish Tater Cakes...

Crispy warm on the outside, soft and tasty on the inside. Goes well with any dipping sauce as a snack or meal on its own (depending on how many you eat). A firm balance of protein from the fish and complex carbohydrates from the potatoes...not for someone trying to lose weight though... Great finger food for kids too...

We've been watching quite a number of Season 2 -Iron Chef America episodes lately and my inspired hubby, CJ decided make dinner before we re-started our weightloss program again.

Fishcakes! But I rather call them Crispy Fish Tater Cakes.. sounds nicer ya? A rather simple recipe to follow that yields 30 palm sized fried cakes.

Whats in them?
6 Russet Burbank Potatoes (Large) - Boiled, peeled and mashed with salt & black pepper.
3 Fillets of Sutchi Fish *Dory* (any alternate form of fish fillet can work too) - Boiled and mashed. - You can easily find this in the frozen section of the supermarket at only SGD$2.50-$6 (depending on promotion) per pack of 2-3 fillets.
200gms of Panko breadcrumbs.
1 cup of frying flour batter *either make your own or use store bought tempura batter*- already reconstituted with room temp. water to a creamy sauce-like consistency.

Hows it done?
When you have boiled your potatoes and fish, mash them both and season to taste with salt and pepper and form them into little golf/ping pong ball size balls.
You have an option here where you could refrigerate the balls for a while, maybe 30 minutes to let them harden a little but this is not completely necessary.

Why I suggest this is because once it goes into the batter soft, it would have a tendency to start to spread and break apart if you don't work fast. Only liquid batter just seconds before you breadcrust it if not you would end up with a dishful of unformed mush.

Dip each formed ball into the liquid batter, remove and throw into the breadcrumbs and cover completely. Flatten slightly with your fingers against the wall of the breadcrumb container against the crumbs and transfer to a deep fryer or pan filled with sufficient oil to deep fry the cakes.

Each cake takes about 3-5 minutes to brown on each side if using a pan or generally around 6-8 minutes in the deep fryer. Remove when the patty turns a golden brown on both sides. Use paper towels on your serving plate to absorb excess oil.

Additional Options: While we didn't use this this time, CJ suggests certain improvements that can be done to this recipe that might work. Adding finely chopped chives, chopped corn, and/or chopped peas.

Serve warm and crispy with your favourite dipping sauce, ie ketchup or chili sauce with mayonnaise. Enjoy! :)

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