Monday, December 06, 2010

Leaner in 8 Weeks...

Over in August this year, I wrote about having a weightloss project to lose 20kg in 3 months. From 80kg to 60kg. Read about that HERE. Yea, I know I gained weight again at the earlier part of this year so it was a good time to kick start something again to resume my weightloss resolution. So with the support of a special new supplement partner, I embarked on a new weightloss cycle.

Did I reach it? Unfortunately, nope.. what happened? From several bouts of illnesses/injuries to my trips to Hong Kong for filming to various other workshops and instructing classes, I was blindly busy and frankly, just not in the right mind frame to keep the determination to see it though. And the most important step to weightloss is your mental determination and frame of mind. This will be what sees you through to reach that goal.

I did however lose 8kg from then till now so I'm still standing at 72kg right now. For an average person, an 8kg loss would usually be more than enough in less than half a year but since we aimed for 20kg down! Its not even quite halfway there for me so its not considered a success till I've hit the actual number. *disappointed but not discouraged - I will do it!*

If you have been watching my weightloss chart on the left of my blog column. You would see the dates each time I broke each kilo loss. I maintained a range of 67.5kg to 69kg for the whole of 2009 but after that weight ceiling broke over Christmas break 2009... I'm only near to my previous maintenance again just about now. This has indeed been a chubby year for me...

The hubster, CJ's birthday just passed just last week and he made a resolution to get motivated again to lose weight once more. The last cycle we went through in 2008, he went from 125kg to 86kg and was looking like "the younger brother I never had"... then over the months, his training stopped for personal reasons and he's been in limbo and on the fat rise for the longest time... regular exercise and sensible dietary habits are really important in maintaining your weight and fitness.

I have no doubts that when he wants to, he can and will do it all over again with the same great success as before so here it goes again! He's been blogging about his new cycle lately and stood at an estimated 122kg as of 1st December 2010.

We started on the 2nd of December with morning jogs, stretches and again.. have resumed our low carb cycles... and for me.. I still instruct daily too so I'm getting more than my usual share of activity.

So for now, with a renewed cycle of supplements* provided to me for this round, I mark this time as standing at 72kg. Only another 12 more kilos and I'm at my optimal targeted weight. (Frankly - I have a feeling I might look too small at that size but we'll see how it goes as we go along). Watch this space and look at that column on the left to see the numbers drop over the next 8 weeks. :)

You know what though? We all know that losing weight is a challenge - even if you have done it before.. its just not easy.. and it would be absolutely lovely for you reading to leave me a comment to show me your support.. and perhaps if you have a resolution of your own... share it with me... I'd love to know whats happening with you too.. even if you're leaving me a comment to say "Hi.."... please do. :)

*For those curious what those supplements are.. all I'll say now is that its all natural.. you'll find out in a couple of keep reading. :)*


Spank-A-Lot said...

Hi Pam!! Its been a while, good to hear that you still got that fighting spirit in you!!! Don't fret the weight, I'm sure you'll make good like you always do. All the best!!!!

Frond said...

my goals for the year was so small compared to yours but I have reached them. The aim was to lose 5kg. I went from 71.5kg to 65.5 now. So rather happy with myself given that I didn't embark on any strict exercise/eating program.

Goals for next year... still thinking about it. But getting back down to my wedding weight of 60kg might be on the books. :D