Saturday, December 11, 2010

Videos Don't Lie... 100kg Pam

Pictures can be edited with photoshop to make it look almost immaculate but a video, not within my control so it shows everything in full unadulterated flubbery. Some people have exclaimed "you couldn't have been that big!.. did you make your pictures look fatter?" No... but to prove that there was such a time... heres a video which the hubster found buried in his hard drive.

We played it on the mac the other day and when we saw when I walked out of the room to my cake in our old residence in this video, we were all in shock and screamed "oh my god!!!" So yeah.. that was me.. when I was 100kg. Yeah.. believe it now? What falls in my control now at least, I will never make myself grow back to that level of obesity. That blue pants were a size 48 stretchable. Equivalent to a 5XL.

Why feel bad about myself and look unhealthy when I can stay the way I am now or smaller? :) Click on the pictures below to check out each respective picture sets taken by C. En Yung. I think I'm due to have a phootshoot soon... must think of location in Singapore or theme.. Suggestions anyone?


hui said...

Hey Pam,

I'm from your Tues's dance class in IRAS. You are doing great! Knowing your for barely less than 3 mths since I joined your class, I am truly inspired by you. I'm still 1/2 way through your blog entries (it's sooo long way back but they are really interesting and personal post), I look up to you as a 姐姐, your attitude and confidence towards life and a desire of wanting to make a difference in multitudes of lives out there is an excellent endeavor. The weight project is probably just a milestone you use to remind yourself that it is always possible to succeed if you set your mind to.

I've been stagnant with me weight of 65 for a long while, though have a desire to look good and slim down further, I'm not sure if my current lifestyle allows me to. Used to be 75 and I worked my way down like hell to 60 and now adds back to 65 after some cheesy treats in Australia. Now I even consider doing a liver detox in your previous post entries. Read more on other sites and is quite sure it's good at least for my liver but hasn't pluck up any courage to try (it's yucky). Really sick of that tyre rim around me waist. argh! Then again, there's no straightforward way of removing just that rim. So for now, I'll stick to my 3x exercise and a 2 1/4 meals a day ... see if this works well for me.

It's been a long way for you as a blogger and endorser of some health products. Keep up with your upcoming exciting projects, am looking forward the your new blog entries. You have many supporters out there and a great family backing you up. Just a verse to encourage you from Colossians 3:17 And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Oh yes, you look absolutely gorgeous & sexy. No need to feel bad at all. Photo shoot? Try Southern ridges & Hortpark (, Botanic Gardens or the Youth Olympic Park (near the SG Flyer). These are fabulous locations or you can go the MBS sky garden for like... $20?

Adiós for now.

hui said...
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Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi!! :) Thank you for regularly coming to my class every Tuesday.. :) you might want to know that I also have Thursday night at 730pm and Saturday afternoon at 230pm at the Raffles Town club that is open for public to register for. Only $107 for 8 consecutive sessions and it then gives you a really good cardio run for the week.. Tue, Thu, Sat. :)