Friday, February 23, 2007

Comments that just make me smile...

I recieved a message from Joe the other day after dropping him a heartfelt festive phone greeting. If you have ever recieved an sms greeting from me, whether its just a hello, thinking about you, what you doing kind. Do note that I spend quite some time thinking about what to say because I really care.

It was one of those few replies that really just made my day. It touched me because of the magnitude of people that Joe has encountered in the radio and media industry. People who have spectacular or bizarre personalities.

Joe = Joe Augustine. Radio DJ, Voice over artist, Emcee/Host extraordinaire.

To be appreciated by someone just makes having the person as a friend all worthwhile.

"You are really one of the most uplifting people I know - Big Smile, Big Heart and Big Dreams. All the best Pam".... Quoted by Joe A. , 16th Feb 2007.

Uplifting? I've never been called uplifting before but I take it as its a good thing ya? How can you not break out in a quiet smile after something like that? :)

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