Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ding Ding Ding! One more down!

This is an update to my weightloss record. I weighed in today and I'm one more KG down! ... That makes it a total loss of 5kg to date. I'm mighty pleased with myself too. This has been the longest time I have ever been on a controlled diet and I think I'm getting used to it.

Carbs just don't give me the satisfaction that it used to give me and sends me into an instant AFS mode (after food syndrome) even before I finish the meal. NOT GOOD. Its shocking how fast it hits me and I look like I'm on drugs with me looking all wacked and blur.

I'm trying to adjust the way I think about what I eat into stuff that just makes me feel good and those that are just empty useless pieces of stuff that I'm stuffing into my mouth. It makes it easier to just take a bite of something when there is a craving and just say, Enough and move on to healthier food that actually lifts my mood like fruits and salad.. YES.. salad.. I'm beginning to love the roast chicken and salad combo ALOT. I'd probably get sick of it sometime but for now, I'd choose it anyday bc its almost guilt free and you actually feel energised after eating it and not sleepy.

I also went back to the gym yesterday morning after a 2 year hiatus. When I stepped in, it all seemed so familiar.. the smell of the gym and the machines came back to me. I met up with Cher, an old buddy and great lady who obliged me in retaining her membership so that we can go together... *thank you!! muaks* It was very enjoyable. Good company. Familiar place. Good Feeling all around.

I went through my usual rounds of doing a little cycling for 10 mins to warm up.. then onto my cross trainer which went on for 40 minutes. 40 minutes was the time that I used to do when I went regularly and I was surprised that I could return to it with just my first day back. I suppose the jogging and stretching that CJ had me doing worked! I finished that and went onto some stretching, crunching and leg lifting. It took only a short while after for my body to start to protest.. and protest it did. I could feel the wobbly feeling and I started to tremble. Perhaps I should try to curb my enthusiasm in working back into my routine. We went back to the locker room and decided to go for a steam bath.. That. Felt. Lovely. I'm looking forward to a spa visit next week with Cher just to destress and get a good massage off my aching body... Somehow my legs decided to protest further in the evening and let out wracking aches on my thighs.. CJ said it was normal bc I didn't work them much.. it doesn't deter me from going back though.. I'm determined and once I hit the healthy weight range of 50-55kg. I'm going for a photoshoot and splash it out here over my blog for all you lovely people to see. :)

Here's to ending my 20s gloriously. Wish me luck.

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