Friday, February 23, 2007

Food Food & More Food!!

There are a few food places that set me thinking longingly of when I'd return to savour their sumptious dishes.. the first on my list for Nonya Dishes is a place in Serangoon Gardens called Pow Sing Restaurant..

Juicy and succulent white chicken slices on steaming hot rice.. mouth swearing chili hot sambal kangkong, tangy crispy baby squids, warming otak are my favourites amongst the whole array of Nonya dishes that can grace your table.. and washed down with home made lime juice.


The second is a place that came recommended to us today. No signboard Seafood Restaurant at Geylang.

Everything that appeared on the table was almost orgasmically fantastic. I absolutely LOVED everything we had today. From the chili crab, to the butter crab.. to the fried fish.. to the chicken pieces wrapped in beancurd skin. Fresh scallops, garlic vegetables to the mini mantou buns to the drunken prawns. Everything was totally amazing. This is one place that I will now put on my highly recommended list. DIE DIE MUST TRY.

If I had to choose a hotel restaurant, it would almost only be Mezza9 at the Grand Hyatt along Scotts Road..

Their ever full-reserve a place weeks in advance Sunday International Buffet Brunch with Free Flow Moet & Chandon Champagne is to die for too. From the freshest juices to sections and sections of an impressive international buffet spread from italian to chinese to japanese to whatever you can manage. And the Chocolate Fountain with the array of fruits and pastries... It would almost be heaven on earth on a fateful Sunday afternoon. Couple that with good company. And maybe even a booked room upstairs for the night, a good pay per view movie on the telly and a bubble bath.. it would be SOOOOO amazing. *see! I'm easy to please!! *

If anyone wanted to bring me out to lunch or dinner.. don't need to ask me where to go. Just meet me at any one of the above places and it would be amazing and don't forget to pad your wallet with at least $200. It may sound expensive but it is SO WORTH IT. Promise.

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