Friday, February 02, 2007

1 more kg down!

We weighed in last night and I'm pleased to see that I'm another KG down! That makes it a total of 4kg down so far. Its not obvious but I can see it on the scales and its good enough for me. *that image above is not me btw..*

Thank you to all my friends who have cheered me on, dropped me smses and to those who have been mentally supporting me in this challenge to drop off all 40kg. I'm 10% into this challenge and I will not let myself and all of you down this time.
Thank you for those who have gone in search of food that I can eat and for not making me feel bad that I'm depriving you of all those sinful eats when you're out with me. You are loved.

Thank you for CJ who has been great so far with his support and detailed explanation of how different diets work for us, he's lost 6kg already.. *envy* but its without a doubt that its also because he has been working out alot more than I have! :)

GAMBATTE!! which means keep it up! Fight on! and I will! ...

To the group of moms on my moms board who has been cheering me on.. thank you. I'm so very touched. *cheering - jia you jia you jia you!* you gals are precious.

Thank you. You all have my heart.

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