Friday, February 02, 2007

Join me on a journey...

I want you to meet someone special. Someone amazing. If you can get someone to read out what I have written here to you while you imagine this, it will work better and to a better effect...

Please close your eyes throughout this journey with me as we meet a special someone together. Act out those that I have (placed in a bracket) as these would be actual physical actions.

(Close your eyes and do not open them till this is all over) and join me on a journey.

Relax your body and imagine a sky with fluffy white clouds..
Imagine yourself, 3 years from now at a time where everything seems to be perfect.

You are walking down a quiet road on a cool sunny day with the sweet wind blowing into your hair. Your hair dances in the wind.

There is a very comfortable amount of money in your bank. Everything has been paid for.

Bills are all paid. Money is not a problem. Everything just perfect.

You're feeling healthy and strong. You're feeling loved. If you have children, they're doing great too! Everyone is just perfect. Healthy and Happy...

Your partner also loves you. Its a great time.

Imagine walking somemore just enjoying the day without a care in the world down that road. Everything just seems to be in the right place.. everything you've wanted, you already have.

You look up into the sky and see a beautiful sky. Birds are singing.

The sun is bright and the wind is cool against your skin.

Walk down somemore and look to your right. You see a field of flowers. Its is a beautiful field of flowers. Take a deep breathe and smell the sweet flowers. It calms you.

You decide to take a detour instead of walking down the road and walk into the field of flowers. It is such a perfect and beautiful place to be.

You stroll into the field of flowers and you look around and at your right in the far distance you see a few houses. You walk towards the houses.

As you approach, they look bigger and familiar to you. You around and a sense of recognition washes over you. You have been here before.

You walk up to the house and open the door and step in. Look around. Its a beautiful house and deep inside, you know. You have been here before. You have been here.

You walk through the house feeling like you are home and walk out the back door to reveal a beautiful garden.

In the distance, you see a person. That person seems to be coming towards you but the funny thing about it is that it seems like the person is getting smaller as it approaches.

With each step the person takes, it gets younger and younger.. and smaller too. Till a point where the person is 20 feet away from you and you notice that the person has turned into a child.

The child looks familiar you wonder and the child approaches somemore.
By the time the child is 1 feet away from you, you look down and realised has transformed into a baby.

You take a few steps closer. (Squat or sit to reach down to position yourself to be face to face with this baby.)

You (reach out) and tilt the baby's chin to you and you realise...

The baby is you.

The innocent little one that you are looking at is you and you look at it in amazement.

Look at its eyes. Its nose and its mouth. Its you, you when you were a baby.

At that point, your heart fills with love as you both stare at eachother and into eachother's eyes. The baby doesn't talk but looks at you with innocent eyes. It is at the beginning of its life, your life and has many experiences to go through and ups and downs to feel.

Reach out and hold the baby and start talking to the baby. This is you. The baby that will be living your life. This is your chance to tell the baby all that you can. Now.

Tell the baby that everything will be alright. Tell the baby of the good things that will happen. Tell the baby of the bad things that will happen. Tell the baby all you can to reassure that this life, his/her life will be great and everything will be alright.

Tell the baby your dreams and your fears and that you love him.

Tell the baby you love him. You love yourself.

(Reach out with your arms, with your eyes still closed) and pull the baby into your arms and hug it. Hug it with all the love you can feel and say, "I love you... everything will be alright" The baby clasps on to your neck with the strength it can muster.

A short while later, you release your arms and you realise that the baby is still holding on to your neck in its warm embrace and you hug it again one more time.

You lean forward and the baby lets go and starts to walk away. (Say goodbye). Your heart feels warm and you look on waving good bye (wave your hands with your eyes still closed). You can feel happiness, not sadness that the baby is moving away. Its on its journey of life. Your life and there is so much to offer. It walks further and further till is disappears...

Clouds reappear again and you close your eyes and a cool wind blows around you.

(Open your eyes at this time and say, "everything is going to be alright")

And yes... my friends... everything is going to be alright... thank you for joining me on this journey to meet this special person.

This special person is you. And everything will be great.

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